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Welcome to the Birder's Diary Home Page

This web site has been designed to assist you, the Birder's Diary user, in purchasing, downloading, installing and activating, and obtaining use and technical support for Birder's Diary. Whether for your first purchase, an upgrade or a taxonomic list add-on, this site is designed to inform and facilitate your needs. Use the menu system at the top of each page to navigate to pages with specific information to meet your needs. For questions and support issues, please use the product forums under the Support menu. You will receive prompt, professional and courteous support from Birder's Diary staff!

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V1.0 Birder's Diary Mobile App for Android Released!!! - Monday, April 20, 2020

IT'S FREE! Not just another Mobile App for recording sightings in the field! It's a new and better experience. Seamless and quick interaction with BD Desktop.

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ABA, AOS and BOU 2019 Taxonomic Lists NOW AVAILABLE! - Monday, January 6, 2020

Get your latest updates to these taxonomic lists at the Online Store in the menu.

Clements 2019 and IOC 9.2 Released! - Saturday, September 21, 2019

Get your latest updates to these taxonomic lists at the Online Store in the menu.

V5.1 Now Available!!! - Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New eBird Worldwide Sightings Search feature!! Know when Lifers are being seen near you every time you start Birder's Diary! Search anywhere in the world for species of interest or sightings that are being seen! Know how far to any location and plot the course. Updated View Sightings window; faster and easier to use.

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Mammals of the World! Now available! - Friday, June 29, 2018

Long awaited Mammals of the World! 5,416 species and 6,351 subspecies of the World complete with Checklist data.

Vascular Plants of the US Now Available! - Thursday, November 10, 2016
All the species/subspecies/variations of the United States.

What is Birder's Diary?

Birder's Diary is a software program that allows birders and naturalists to maintain detailed records of their sightings. You can capture unlimited user-defined data about each sighting and then report on this data in a myriad of ways. You can print checklists; automatically maintain life list counts for any region on Earth; recall and report on trends; and much, much more! Birder's Diary is more than a tool just for birders. Checklists exist for mammals, butterflies, trees, and many, many more. More are being added all the time! Since 1995, Birder's Diary has been providing the World's Birding community with the latest technology, products and services!

Fully Functional 30-day Trial

Try before you buy with no commitments! The entire product is available for immediate download from this site (quick and simple site registration is required before download). You are one click and a few minutes away from running Birder's Diary, fully functional, for one month. Just go to the Downloads page and click on the Network Installation link to start your installation! (NOTE: you must register and be logged in to access the Downloads page.) If you decide to purchase, you do not have to download and install again. Simply enter the License ID from your purchase and you are up and running! Any data you have already entered or modified is maintained.

All the Top Taxonomic Lists

Birder's Diary is simply the best listing tool available. But it is not only for Birds and Birders. There are many different tax lists available covering many areas of Flora and Fauna. From butterflies to trees to reptiles and mammals. Just keep checking the Online Store for the available taxonomic add-ons! New ones become available every month. And updates are made available whenever the taxonomic authorities make their changes! We have the leading Avian taxonomic lists you are looking for: Cornell/Clements, IOC, AOU, ABA and more.

Conversion from Other Listing Software Programs

You can convert any type of data you may have (Excel spreadsheet, Avisys, etc) and import it into Birder's Diary. An automated tool for converting your complete Avisys or BirdBase data is installed with Birder's Diary! In addition, we have converted data from all other listing programs to Birder's Diary, and we can do it for you also.

AviSys and BirdBase are discontinued!

To all of the users looking to convert to Birder's Diary now that AviSys and BirdBase are discontinued, Birder's Diary has a built-in tool for converting your AviSys and BirdBase sightings and loading them into Birder's Diary! See more about AviSys and BirdBase conversion.

Birders' News!

Bernard Master, Birder's Diary convert from Avisys, sees his 8,000th World bird in Taiwan. "After 30 years of birding the world, all 7 continents, 112 countries/territories, I reached the coveted 8000 bird species number! It was not the magnificent Mikado Pheasant or the showy Swinhoe's Pheasant but a rather plain bird, Styan's Bulbul (Pycnonotus taivanus) in SE Taiwan. It is endangered by loss of habitat and hybridization with its more aggresive cousin, Chinese Bulbul (P.sinensis). Pictured is the Styan's jumping for joy after hearing he was my 8000th!"
Styan's Bulbul (Pycnonotus taivanus), Taiwan.
Styan's Bulbul (Pycnonotus taivanus)

Pete Thayer, grandfather of Birder's Diary, sees his 5,000th World bird in Uganda. "We were in the Impenetrable Forest, just miles from the Congo border. We were accompanied by two armed guards who were there to protect us from the 'rogue elephants'."
White-headed Woodhoopoe, Uganda.
White-headed Woodhoopoe

American Birding Association (ABA) partners with Birder's Diary for its photo quizzes!
Since 2008, the ABA has partnered with Birder's Diary to provide prizes to its online quiz winners. See for more details.

Ron Johns (UK) sees his 1,595th African bird!
In December, 2009, while at the Kruger Natl Park, Ron saw his 1,595th African bird - a Thick-billed Cuckoo - "one tough bird to see"!

Jim Hargrove, long-time Diary user, sees his 5,001st World bird while his wife Linda sees her 5,000th World bird!
Blakiston's Fish Owl and Siberian Rubythroat. Both seen in Hokkaido, Japan; July 2016
Blakiston's Fish Owl Siberian Rubythroat

Peter Beuret, long-time Diary user, sees his 5,000th bird!
In March, 2009, while at the Seychelles, Peter saw his 5000th bird - an Aldabra Rail! Congratulations! Just 5,000 more to go.
Aldabra Rail - Seychelles

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Birder's Diary Reviews and other news...

ABA's "Birding" magazine review! - Tuesday, October 11, 2016
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American Birding Assoc. (ABA) partners with Birder's Diary for its Photo Quizzes! - Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Since 2008, the ABA has partnered with Birder's Diary to provide prizes to its online quiz winners. See for more details. read more ...
Birder's Diary provides prizes to many annual birding festivals and events. - Tuesday, July 30, 2013
For years, Birder's Diary has provided prizes in the form of free licenses to annual birding festivals and events. Just a few of which include Tucson Audubon Birdathon, ABA Young Birder of the Year, ABA Photo Quizzes, and many more. 
  • Bird Base Users: I have recently converted from Bird Base to Birder's Dairy and am very pleased with the results. Birder's Diary is very powerful,flexible, and user friendly. It provides excellent checklists,reports and many ways to tally your sightings. As in bird Base, the ability to report sightings by trip is also very good. Moreover, the technical support both for the conversion and for understanding of the program is outstanding. Birder's Diary brings your Bird Base data into an excellent modern format. Five stars and two thumbs up for Birder's Diary! Linda Fisher, CA, USA

  • I found that Birder’s Diary is by far the best program available for keeping track of my world bird sightings. Entering sightings after leading a bird walk is a snap. There is even a fast and simple way to enter my daily sightings when I return from a three week trip to Africa. Reports are very easy to generate as well. I can see my life lists, of course, but I can also make checklists highlighting the birds I have not yet seen and even fill in an annual ABA report. If I have a question about splits or lumps, the Rosetta Store feature shows me the answer. I also created almost a dozen checklists for our local Bioblitz using taxonomic lists for Mammals, Butterflies and more – all available through Birder’s Diary. With over 5,000 species and 36,000 sightings I still find that the response time is fast on my Windows 7 computer. The best part is that annual taxonomic updates are quickly available, easy to install and accurate. Pete Thayer - President - Thayer Birding Software - Naples, FL, USA

  • For the past seven years I have used Birder's Diary to keep track of my observations. The ease with which you can enter observations is great, especially the keyboard entry feature. Simply enter the species in the order you saw them in the field - no need to scroll down long tax lists. The continued enhancements and addition of new functions such as attaching photos to sightings, big day lists, multiple species abundance charts, and compare two sets of sightings are fun to work with. These functions I frequently use when keeping track of birds seen in the yard (my favorite list). Gerco H - Leesburg, Virginia, USA

  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, thinking of purchasing a top rate database for the recording and reporting of all sightings just can't go past this program. I give it 11 out of 10. Jude - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Comprehensive Excellence! I find Birder’s Diary an exceptionally versatile program for birders and other naturalists. After 20 years of trying various programs, I have finally found the ‘right solution’. Sightings from birding, scuba, herp, butterfly and dragonfly trips now have a common home as I use Birder’s Diary to easily record sightings for birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, insects and more. I love the taxonomy tool, which is outstanding for the naturalist who wants to learn from and record more of their outdoor experience. Bells and whistles aside, my favorite aspect of the program is the service I have experienced from the super-responsive ‘can do’ support team. Whether it was a complex data conversion of years of old bird records or getting help for a reporting need, the Birder’s Diary support team showed me the way very quickly. Tadas Birutis - Lifebird Nature Tours

  • Just thought I would email you and say thanks for an awesome bit of software. I have told many people asking about software, that Birder’s Diary is the way to go. Since I’ve been doing so much travelling lately (13 countries last year!), I have really been using Birder’s Diary to keep track of my bird sightings, and really getting to grips with its capabilities. The software is great and makes life so much easier than keeping everything on excel spreadsheets and bits of paper like I used to! Brent, PhD/Ornithology, Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ

  • As a long-time user of Avisys, I developed the need for a more comprehensive birding software program and chose Birder's Dairy. Birder's Diary greatly expands my ability to enter a variety of data and has extensive capabilities. I am completely satisfied with Birder's Diary and converting from Avisys was long overdue. I would highly recommend Birder's Diary to first time users or anyone looking to upgrade their current software - you'll never look back. Angelo - Indianapolis, IN

  • The Birder's Diary web site states that: "You will receive prompt, professional and courteous support from Birder's Diary staff!" YAWN.. I've heard that line before. BUT IT IS TRUE!!!!!! I was frankly surprised and delighted also with the way you solved my problems installing Version 3.7 on my computers this morning. You clearly understand and practice what professional "Customer Service" can be. Today you made a friend for "lifer". Thanks much for the great service!! Ken - in St. Paul, MN