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Birding and Other Natural Pursuits: What's the Attraction?

Learning to identify and record native plants in your area is a very rewarding hobby.

Those who have already caught the bug and regularly enjoy the sport of birding already know many of the great reasons to take it up. For those who do not, once they are bitten, their enjoyment only continues to grow. In either case, there are some incredible draws to birding that they may not have considered. In this article, we will look at some of the most enjoyable aspects of birding, and how there may be more to tracking natural species than meets the eye.

Being Outside and Visiting New Places

Birding is a wonderful reason to spend time outdoors. Nature provides you with a peace and calm that soothes your spirit, and has positive effects on your health. Fresh air, scenic views, and physical activity are proven to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, bolster creativity, and increase one's enjoyment of life overall. Outdoor activity is also great for the body providing cardiovascular, muscular, and aerobic exercise, and even boosts the immune system. Outdoor activities such as birding are also excellent for the environment. They heighten our awareness and concern regarding environmental issues and drive our further involvement in conservation.

Along with these, birding also helps us be more social. As it is with many other hobbies, we tend to spend time in contact with others who are like-minded and passionate about the same pursuits. Birding is also excellent for the economy. Aside from the studies showing that those who are involved in outdoor activities tend to be more productive in the workplace, it also creates jobs in the environmental fields. Preservation of outdoor recreational areas can also serve to improve local property values. Birding gives us ample reason to travel to new places. This benefits those local economies and adds greater enjoyment to those who partake in the sport.

Excitement and Knowledge

There is pure excitement in the chase to discover new species of birds. A sense of accomplishment comes from gaining the knowledge needed to locate and successfully identify a new species. Tracking the birds builds anticipation until that marvelous moment when it enters the glass of our binoculars. All of this plays a role in our understanding of a species, as well as the natural world in whole. We are given the pleasure of knowing the habits and life history of both recognized and unknown species in ways no other type of hobby can provide.

Butterfly watching is a big favorite among birders!

Butterfly watching is a big favorite among birders!

Birding and So Much More

There are so many wonderful reasons to take up birding as a regular activity. However, birding is just one of the many excellent natural hobbies that one can enjoy. Along with birding, these same benefits apply to other adventures including the finding of butterflies, dragonflies, and any other type of insect. Also, spending time outdoors to identify different kinds of flowers, trees, and other plants are very rewarding. Moreover, of course, witnessing new mammals, reptiles, and other animals you've never seen in-person is really no different than seeking birds alone. All of these noble pursuits allow you to experience and understand nature and life like no other hobby can provide.

Listing Software Makes It Better

Whatever you enjoy seeking most, the use of quality listing software can make it even better. You will have the ability to enjoy your hobby in so many more meaningful ways than you may have thought possible. With listing software, you can easily and quickly know how many different species you've seen, where you were, when and what time of day it was, and many other valuable pieces of information. Furthermore, you can pinpoint species you may be likely to see when visiting a location new to you or during a vacation. You can also use your personal data to help determine which species you should seek out that are different from ones you've sought in the past. These and many other incredible benefits are all provided by quality listing software.

Birder's Diary

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