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Beginning Birding

Top 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Beginning Birding Experience

Top 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Beginning Birding Experience

Birding is great adventure for the whole family!

Are you a birder? If so, you are engaging in the fastest-growing hobby in the United States. Over 46 million people enjoy the sport, and it is quickly becoming America's favorite pastime. You may think that you aren't really a birder because you just like to watch birds from your window. In reality, that is birding. If you just enjoy watching the different species of birds in your own backyard, you are on your way to becoming an expert birder. Birdwatching can be an addictive pursuit, and often the serious birdwatchers who travel the world in search of new birds began by staring out the window of their home. Whether you currently have a passing interest in birding or have already caught the bug and desire to learn more, having an idea of how to begin can be helpful. Below, you will discover the top three tips to help you enhance your birding experience.

Tip #1: Start Small

Even the most professional and world-travelling birder likely began his or her adventures with a curious gaze at a local bird in their area. It may have been a goldfinch sailing past their window or a blue jay nesting in a tree above their yard that first captured their attention. It was just a simple experience in their daily routine that would become their passion. Even if you never travel the globe in search of new species, one of the best tips for beginners is to begin where you are. You can experience the excitement and wonder of birdwatching in your yard, hiking on nearby trails, or driving through local parks and preserves. Birding is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. It is best to start out small to learn the skills and obtain the equipment needed for more advanced birding excursions. Also, you can help to encourage birds to come to you by placing a bird feeder, a bird bath, providing fresh water or several other ways.

Tip #2: Track Your Sightings

There is great excitement in identifying a species and noting what you saw and when. The first step is to purchase a field guide that covers the birds in your geographic region. There are also numerous resources on the internet to help in your pursuits. Again, starting out small is perhaps the best route. A notebook or diary is a great way to list when starting out. You may also find checklists of local birds to be helpful. Many field guides include a checklist for that purpose. Birding software is also a phenomenal way to manage your hobby and keep a record of your finds. There are many significant benefits for all birders from beginners to the experienced. If you aren't familiar with birding software, take a look at all the ways it can help you. Discovering birds and tracking your experiences is an extremely rewarding experience that brings nature to life in many new ways.

Top 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Beginning Birding Experience

The excitement of a new bird is always remembered!

Tip #3: Be a Learner

Birding is not only exciting and rewarding; it is very educational. Aside from learning about the different species and their unique attributes, birding also helps to teach environmental responsibility, geography, and even history. It will sharpen your skills of observation, listening, deduction, and patience as well.

Bonus Tip: Use Birder's Diary

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