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Birder's Diary - Latest Version

Version 5.1 Build 101

Last Updated Title Description  
5 JUL 2020 Network Installation Best option! Choose this for the quickest most reliable installation over the internet. Install
29 MAY 2020 Single File Setup Installer One large file (~130MB). Choose this when you need to download the complete installation and burn it on a CDrom. Save

Anti-virus Programs

IMPORTANT Recent updates to anti-virus software (e.g. Windows Defender, Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee etc) definition files causes them to flag this download as a potential Trojan Virus. This is because we use an older installation program that they do not recognize. This installation does NOT contain any viruses. Microsoft Windows Defender and Norton updated their definitions at our request, and after their analysis, to allow for this installer to run without flagging. All of the other major antivirus vendors were also requested to correct their definitions. McAfee seems to be the most difficult to contact and no positive response from them has been received.
SOLUTION: Temporarily disable your particular anti-virus program in order to run this installation. (Simply Google "How to disable 'your-anti-virus-program-here'") Or, you can get rid of all of your anti-virus software and only use Microsoft Windows Defender (it's FREE). That is my recommendation.
ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM CONCERNS: It is important to be aware of the basic business model behind most all Anti-virus programs. They have access to all your data, all your browsing, everything! This is necessary to accomplish their stated goal of protecting you and your computer. What is also buried deep in their End-User License Agreement is the fact that they can collect, share and sell all of that data at their discretion. That is the basic business model of how these programs make money. Data sells! and sells Big! How is that any different from the spyware it is meant to protect you from. Educate yourself. Read this article among others that are readily available online.
FINAL WORD: Don't run more than one such program on your computer; as they compete against each other and significantly degrade your computer's performance. Don't pay for one when many are free. Use Microsoft's solution - Windows Defender (aka Security Essentials) - as it is FREE and made by the folks that create your operating system. Disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection to Microsoft or Windows Defender, and receive no reimbursement from them for this endorsement. I simply believe it is the best option and most all folks I know in the industry use ONLY Windows Defender. This is simply a service to our Birder's Diary customers.

Birder's Diary - Older Versions

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Taxonomic List Instructions

  • Taxonomic list downloads are listed below in the order of last update - latest updates first.
  • Locate the taxonomic list(s) you have purchased and click on the Download button to the download to your local computer.
  • See instructions on the Downloads >> Running Installers on Different Browsers page on this site for running the installer on different browser types (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).
  • You will need the installation password from your Invoice to complete this download.
  • Once the installer/download is complete, start Birder's Diary to be prompted to auto-import your new taxonomic list(s).
  • If the Download fails for any reason, temporarily Disable your Antivirus program(s) and try again.
  • If you receive the message "APPLICATION REQUIRES ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS...", please see the FAQ at the top of the Support >> Product Forums page. 

Group Last Updated Title  
Birds 5 JAN 2020 ABA 2019 Download
Birds 5 JAN 2020 AOS 2019 Download
Birds 5 JAN 2020 BOU 2019 Download
Birds 21 SEP 2019 Clements/Cornell 2019 Download
Birds 21 SEP 2019 IOC 2019 v9.2 Download
Marine Life 26 AUG 2019 Underwater Marine Life of the Caribbean Download
Vascular Plants 22 OCT 2018 Vascular Plants of Canada, Greenland and St Pierre and Miquelon Download
Mammals 20 OCT 2018 Mammals of the World Download
Vascular Plants 1 NOV 2016
Vascular Plants of the USA 2016 Download
Vascular Plants of the Northeast USA 2016 Download
Vascular Plants of the Southeast USA 2016 Download
Vascular Plants of the Northwest USA 2016 Download
Vascular Plants of the Southwest USA 2016 Download
Vascular Plants of the Midwest USA 2016 Download
Dragonflies & Damselflies 28 MAR 2016 Dragonflies & Damselflies of North America Download
Butterflies 15 APR 2015 Butterflies of North America Download
Whales & Dolphins 29 MAR 2015 Cetacea of the World Download
Moths 4 DEC 2013 Moths of North America Download
Birds 9 DEC 2009 Birds of South America Download
Fishes 2009 Freshwater Fishes of North America Download
Butterflies & Moths 2008 Butterflies and Moths of the UK Download
Birds 2008 Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica Download
Reptiles 2007 Reptiles of North America Download
Butterflies 2007 Butterflies of Mexico Download
Cacti 2006 Cacti of North America Download
Mushrooms 2006 Mushrooms of Colorado Download
Trees 2005 Trees of North America Download
Amphibians 2005 Amphibians of North America Download
Dragonflies 2005 Dragonflies of the UK Download