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Download Instructions

How-To-Download Video!

You can find the download installers for all parts of Birder's Diary under the Downloads menu.

For instructions on running the installers from the major Browser programs (Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome) go to the Running Installers on Different Browsers page.

The taxonomy lists are purchased and loaded separately for use with Birder's Diary. The taxonomy installations are password-protected. You must purchase a taxonomic list at the Online Store on this site to receive the password for the related installation file.

If you are downloading Birder's Diary (the program) you will have complete access to all taxonomic lists included in the default Birder's Diary database during the demo period - 30 days. After the demo period expires or you purchase Birder's Diary, you will only have access to those taxonomic lists which you have purchased. You may purchase licenses for each of the taxonomic lists at the Online Store page.

The program comes in two downloadable formats:

  1. Network Installation. This is the most efficient means of installation over the internet. It will only download the portions required to fully install Birder's Diary and will restart if the network/ISP connection is broken. This can be much faster than option #2 below. Clicking on the Network Installation link will initially download an installation control program. Run that download to start the internet installation. Should network/ISP connectivity be broken during the installation, the installation can easily be restarted where it left off. Just click on the Network Installation link again to restart the installation. 
  2. A single Setup file download. This file can be downloaded and burned onto a CD or run just like any program on your computer. This file is large; ~92MB. This is handy for installing on computers not on the Internet or with a slow internet connection. Just download it to a computer with a fast internet connection and burn it to a CD. Then take and install it on any computer you like. It is also handy for creating your own installation CD. This file contains the entire installation.

Note: if you are a first time user, or coming from another version, it will be well worth your while to go through the Online Quick Start Guide. It will be invaluable to getting you up and running quickly with an understanding of the basic concepts. You can get through it in 15-45 minutes! Click here to open a new window to the Quick Start Guide.

Each of the taxonomy installation files, when run, will automatically download the required files to your computer and then auto-import these files the next time you run Birder's Diary.

Just go to the appropriate page under the Downloads menu and click on the desired item to start the installation.

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