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Birder's Diary for BirdBase Users

On or about the first of August, 2015, BirdBase by Santa Barbara Software closed its business after ~28 years in business.

Birder's Diary is an advanced replacement for BirdBase users. The latest version of Birder's Diary comes complete with a BirdBase conversion tool that will move all of your sightings, trip and location data into Birder's Diary with zero loss. You can use this conversion tool with the fully functional 30-day demo and be completely converted within 10-15 minutes after installing Birder's Diary. Afterwards, if you purchase, all you need to do is activate your license. You don't lose any changes you make during the demo period and there is nothing more to install!

Many BirdBase users have moved to Birder's Diary over the years, many since August 1st. Here is what some are saying:

  • "Bird Base Users: I have recently converted from Bird Base to Birder's Dairy and am very pleased with the results. Birder's Diary is very powerful,flexible, and user friendly. It provides excellent checklists,reports and many ways to tally your sightings. As in bird Base, the ability to report sightings by trip is also very good. Moreover, the technical support both for the conversion and for understanding of the program is outstanding. Birder's Diary brings your Bird Base data into an excellent modern format. Five stars and two thumbs up for Birder's Diary!" - Linda Fisher, CA, USA
  • "Thank you so much for the extremely helpful screenshots with your explanations. I am now happy with the viewing of past trips and after clearing the boxes on the World List, this is also looking good, thanks. I have spent a fruitful afternoon 'playing' with Birder's Diary. The function to create a checklist for an area to be visited is very good. Once again thank you so much for the excellent instructions. I am extremely happy with the system and have purchased the Licences." Steve Firth, UK
  • "I just wanted you to know that I imported my BirdBase files (33,998 sighting) and it went off without a hitch. Your instructions were easy to follow. It took about an hour but I now have my 2,130 birds in Birder's Diary and ready to use it. Thanks for a great program. PS - I did loose 7 birds with lumps, but some of my records were 40 years old." - Gary S, MT, USA

Once Birder's Diary is installed:

  1. Start Birder's Diary
  2. Click on File > Import from other programs > Import from BirdBase
  3. When the "Import Sightings from BirdBase" window opens, click on the Help button for step-by-step instructions for moving your data from BirdBase to Birder's Diary. You will be done in minutes.
  4. Be sure to take the time to go through the Quick Start Guide (Help > Quick Start Guide) as it will ease the transition and understanding from BirdBase to Birder's Diary.

If you have any questions or require any assistance please check the forums for similar issues, post a new topic in the forums, or feel free to email