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How to Build a Bird Box in your Garden
Building a bird box, or nest box, is a fantastic way to create a bird nesting habitat from the convenience of your own garden or back yard. A bird box can be as complex or simple as you want to be, and most commonly, a bird box is exactly that! A box, with a hole large enough for birds to enter and exit.
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All About Birds
Collection of Ornithology Resources
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Parrot Species
The Ultimate Database
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Bird Watching Guide for The Whole Family
Great resource for birders!
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The Complete Guide to Bird Watching
Nice, short article for new birders!
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The Young Birder's Backyard Guide
Lots of great information for young birders!
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Birds in the Air: Identifying Birds in Flight
Few sights can compare with birds in flight. Whether you’re watching a pelican skim over still water or the synchronized movements of a murmuration of starlings, a birder reaps rich rewards. If you’re new to birdwatching, the hobby may bring you great satisfaction and a deeper understanding of the ornithological world. Over time, you’ll develop the ability to recognize common birds even as they soar through the air high above you. Many birders praise the activity of birdwatching for its simple purity: your only goal is to observe the birds around you. With practice, you’ll be able to glimpse rarer varieties, distinguish between birdcalls, and maybe even help in environmental causes that require bird population counts.
Air Oasis
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The Ultimate Guide to Birdwatching
Birdwatching – or birding – has been a popular pastime around the world for centuries. Long have people marveled at the beauty, behavior, and mystery of the world’s many species of birds. Perhaps one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures, they are at once delicate and magnificent. If you’re interested in learning about birdwatching – or you already are an avid birder looking for more ways to connect to all the great resources out there, keep reading. Here you’ll find everything from equipment reviews and identification guides to fun lessons for kids.
Excellent Resource
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Southwest Colorado Wildflowers
WILDFLOWERS, FERNS, & TREES of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, & Utah
Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflower App
Hair, Fur, Feathers & The Functions of Each
Contribution by a environmental conservation group out near Yosemite National Park, CA!
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Pandion Wild Tours
Bird Watching Holidays in Bulgaria
BirdLife Australia
All about Australian Birding!
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Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching
Great resource for beginning birders. Sent to us from Travis while doing Science research!

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EcoTours De Mexico
Earth Friendly Adventures!

EcoTours De Mexico

Online Nature Mall
Books, binoculars, feeders and much, much more. The best place to shop for all your birding needs online.
is about wild birds and the sport of birding. It's for everyone who's interested in birdwatching and enjoying nature.
If you don't know about this site. Wow! All about birding.
Visit Surfbirds for all the latest World Birding News
Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter
Your resource for Minnesota birding.
Colorado Field Ornithologists
Your resource for Colorado birding.
the premier web resource about birds, birding & birdwatching for birders - hundreds of pages & tens of thousands of links about birding everywhere in the world...
Tropical Birds Forum
The Tropical Birds Community.
Tropical Birds Forum
Birds Central
The Birds Community
Birds Central
The birds community
Lifebird Nature Tours
Today, LIFEBIRD is a non-profit organization dedicated to classroom & field education; with instructors helping people find new and easier ways to appreciate the amazing natural world around us. Students use their new skills to find adventure and gain first hand knowledge of life as close as their backyards or far away on the other side of the Earth.