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Birder's Diary - Premier Software for Birders and Naturalists!


For a complete list of new v5.1 features, please see here.

Birder's Diary offers a host of features not found in other listing software.

  • With version 5.1, you have the ability to search the eBird Worldwide database of sightings with Birder's Diary!V5.1 Sightings Search Window
    • Automatically search for lifers near you; and then bring up a map showing you the route and time to this new bird!
    • Research new areas you are about to visit; see which species are being seen that would be lifers for you!
    • Search for particular species in an area that you define.
    • Specify how far back to search (1-30 days) and what sightings to return. 
    • Drill down into the sightings returned for place of interest or a particular species.
  • With version 5.0, you have all the data you need, when you want it, at your fingertips! A newly designed home screen shows everything you need when you startup Birder's Diary up.V5 Main Window
    • All of your recent photos across the top of the main window.
    • Unlimited number of charts and graphs across the bottom of the main window, that you define and configure to show you the data you are interested in, in the format you want.
    • All of your most recent sighting down the right side in a configurable grid that will show you the info that is important to you and hide the rest.
    • All of your most recent outings/checklists (by observer, day and location) down the left side in a configurable grid that shows you where you have been most recently and what you saw. You can show the info that is most important to you and hide the rest.
    • Unlimited Lifer Bars in the background middle of the main window show your lifer progress for any time, location, observer and taxonomic list.
    • You can hide or show any/all of these new 4 panels. You can also size them by sliding them in or out to show just what you want to see. 
    • Watch a YouTube video on how to use the new V5 Main Window and what it can do!
  • You can use popular mobile Apps to record your sightings in the field and have those sightings imported into Birder's Diary v4.1.
    • Any mobile App that exports to CSV-formatted files or uploads to eBird is compatible with Birder's Diary.
    • Birder's Diary can import any CSV-formatted file from these apps. See the Video here on how to do this with Birdwatcher's Diary.
  • Complete integration with eBird sightings data.
    • The eBird Toolkit that has been around for years used to provide this functionality. Now that functionality and much more has been integrated into Birder's Diary v4.1.
    • You can easily export sightings from Birder's Diary and import that file into eBird. You can also easily export sightings from eBird and import them into Birder's Diary. See Videos here.
    • v4.1 recognizes 3 different eBird formats.
    • Now you can use the BirdLog app and email your sighting list directly to your computer and import that sighting list. The new eBird app doesn't have this functionality yet.
    • Import all additional fields found in eBird exports by creating user-defined fields (UDFs) ahead of time with the same name as the eBird export column you want to capture.
  • Notifications when you enter sightings for World Lifers, Annual Lifers and Location Lifers!
  • Support for SPUHs, Hybrids, Slashes and more. Easily add these things to your taxonomic lists. See here.
  • If you capture Lat/Long of your sightings when you add them, you can have Birder's Diary bring up a Map of the sighting with the location shown.
  • Sightings comments support Rich Text with bolding, italics, underlining and bulleted lists.
  • PHOTOS and other attachments - new in v4.0! Requires an Advanced User License.
    • You can now attach Photos or any file at all to any Sighting or Trip in Birder's Diary. 
    • You can view all of your photos in a new photo viewer within the program. 
    • New searching filters allow you to search and display attachments that you have on sightings.
    • You can view photos for an entire trip or any subset of sightings.
  • COMPARE two different subsets of Sightings - new in v4.0! Requires an Advanced User License.
    • You can compare what you and your spouse saw on a recent trip. What you saw that they didn't see. What they saw that you didn't.
    • Compare one year's Warbler sightings to another year's - or set of years.
    • Compare one location's sightings to another location.
    • Very powerful tool with no limitations. You will find yourself using this a lot!
  • FAMILY Report - known as the Diary Rank Report. Requires an Advanced User License.
    • A common report in birding circles nowadays. How many Families have I seen in my state out of those that occur here? In North America? In the World?
    • This report counts Orders, Families and Genera! You will know all three levels.
    • It is output as an interactive report in your default browser. Clicking on an Order will allow you to drill down into the Families in that Order; clicking on a Family will allow you to drill down into Genera within the family. And finally, clicking on the genus will show you the species under it.
    • Each level is color-coded: GREEN means you have seen all; GRAY means you have seen some; RED means you need to get to work!
  • Split Wizard!
    • On taxonomic updates, a Split wizard walks you through all the Splits/Lumps/additions/deletions that you need to deal with.
    • Birder's Diary can make 99% of the decisions ahead of time for you. For the rest, there is the Split Wizard!
    • Additional Range and Subspecies information is given on each decision you have to make, making your job a snap on each taxonomic update.
  • Import & Export
    • Ability to share data such as sightings, checklist data, locations, etc with other users.
    • Ability to import sightings from all other tools, including other listing software tools, spreadsheets, etc. Special import tools exist for migrating from AviSys.
    • You can build reports on your system and share them with your friends who use Diary.
  • Backup & Restore
    • Ability to easily create backups and recover from system failures.
    • Backs up all data, settings, photos, and other attachments!
  • Speech Recognition*
    • Abilty to enter sightings by speaking bird names. All you have to do is to say the bird's name and it is checked off. Works easily with systems equipped with a microphone.
    • Program also responds to spoken menu commands.
    • Speaking parrot will explain the use and functionality of windows for you upon command.
    • *NOTE: Microsoft officially stopped supporting Petey (MSAgent) - the talking parrot and his speech abilities - in Vista and later. Consequently, I can no longer support problems when they occur with Petey. I have however left this functionality in Birder's Diary due to popular demand; as it works on >95% of all Windows versions since Vista. However, on some computers (< 5% in my experience), Petey (MSAgent) simply won't work and trying to figure out why can be very time-consuming. The Microsoft site ( can provide resources to this end.
  • User-defined Sightings Data
    • Ability to define unlimited data elements to capture exactly all the data you want to capture with your sightings.
    • Supported data types are: Yes/No, Text, Integer, Floating Point, Validated List, Date/Time, Date, Time.
    • You can't underestimate the importance of the Advanced feature.
  • Keyboard and Checklist entry modes
    • Keyboard mode allows for extremely fast data entry using your keyboard and SmartSearch fields that allow you to enter sightings for birds/things by common name, alias names, scientific name, or band code. It just doesn't get any faster than this!
    • Checklist entry has several different modes from standard paper-form-like entry checklist, to startup mode designed to get your sightings from the back of your field guide, to trip mode for the usual guided field trip.
    • Checklist entry also allows for you to simply speak the bird's name and have it checked off.
  • Supports unlimited taxonomic lists!
    • Diary comes with taxonomic lists for all the birds of the world, including subspecies, as well as your local/regional lists such as those by the ABA or AOU, BOU, etc.
    • Diary also comes with taxonomic lists for many other branches of the animal and plant kingdoms. For example, Trees of NA, Reptiles, Mammals, Whales, etc. etc. Check the Downloads page for the latest list.
  • Viewing and Editing of all characteristics of all sightings.
    • You can mass edit multiple sightings based on any characteristic or user-defined data element.
    • You can build your own unlimited view sets displaying only the data you want to see in multiple columns/rows. You can then save these views to recall them at any time.
    • Export sightings into spreadsheet programs very easily for advanced graphing and statistical analysis that no listing program alone can come close to providing!
  • Supports unlimited observers.
  • Location, Location, Location!
    • A location design is paramount to the extent of functionality that your listing software can provide. Birder's Diary supports unlimited location definitions, with each location having the ability to belong to multiple parents and contain multiple children. What this means to you is that not only can you do a report on North America and have that report include all sightings made by contained locations anywhere in the tree, but you can now report on all North American Parks and have all sightings associated with those locations included and counted.
      Don't underestimate this functionality. No other software comes close to providing this extremely important capability.
  • Define hierarchical Trips and attach sightings to them.
    • You can then report on entire trips or sub-trips as you like.
  • Reports, Reports, Reports!
    • Define and build your own reports from dozens of templates provided for Checklists, Life Lists, Sightings, Trips and special ABA reports.
    • Share your reports with other Diary users with the Export/Import capability.
    • Output your reports to the printer, PDF format, HTML format, e-Mail and RTF format.
    • Specify your own output columns, order, widths, fonts, colors, etc!
    • Produce Checklist reports that highlight potential World Lifers, Location Lifers and Annual Lifers! Know your targets while you are in the field.
  • Advanced features allow for things that no other listing software provides.
    • Taxonomy Viewer
      • Allows you to inspect and investigate any taxonomic list loaded into the Diary database.
      • Allows you to make copies of any taxonomic list for purposes of modification and customization
    • Taxonomy Editor
      • Allows you to edit taxonomic lists to any extent. Adding subspecies, executing your own splits/lumps!
    • Checklist Editor
      • Allows you to modify which things are found at which location from the extensive database of thing/location associations that come with Diary. Over 700,000 items in the database!!! For example, if Hooded Oriole becomes accepted for Colorado, then you can quickly add it as a known species for that location.
    • Language/Region Editor
      • Allows you to specify from many different languages available already within Diary.
      • You can also modify the name set associated with any list!
    • Rosetta Stone
      • This feature allows you to inspect the relationship between taxonomic lists loaded into Birder's Diary. An essential tool for determining how differing authorities treat differing birds.
  • Extensive Help system
    • Tooltips for each window.
    • Online User Guide.
    • Talking parrot describes each window to you and takes you on a tour of the product.
    • Video tutorials for almost any feature.
    • Online discussion forums where you can search for solutions or post a question/problem. The forum is monitored daily by a support technician. You usually do not wait more than 1 hour for a response from one of our support technicians!
    • Invite Birder's Diary technical support to interact with your system over the internet!

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