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User Licensing Explained

Prior to version 3.5, Birder's Diary was sold in two different forms - North American version and World version. The only difference was whether you had access to the World taxonomic list from within Birder's Diary. The functionality was the same. Each license granted use of the full range of features found within Birder's Diary.

Since version 3.5, Birder's Diary has taken on more of an a la carte approach to licensing. What does this mean? It means you purchase the user license you want (Basic or Advanced functionality) and the individual taxonomic lists that you need for your interests (e.g. Birds of NA, Birds of the World, Butterflies, Mammals, Reptiles, Trees of NA, etc.).

To use v3.5 and above of Birder's Diary beyond the 30-day trial period, you must purchase
  • Either a Basic or an Advanced User License (not both)
  • At least one taxonomic list of your choice (you can purchase and install an unlimited number of taxonomic lists)

Each license is sold and priced separately.

Advanced vs Basic User License

New with version 3.5 of Birder's Diary and beyond are two different levels of user licensing:

  • Basic, and
  • Advanced

Basic is designed with the average introductory birder in mind. The ability to enter, edit and retrieve/report sightings for any licensed taxonomic list is the foundation of any listing software.

Advanced users want the ability to record any custom data they define for each sighting, the ability to edit and create taxonomic lists, etc. among other features.

When you are ready to upgrade from Basic to Advanced no additional download is required. After you purchase the advanced license, simply enter the new license key and all advanced features of Birder's Diary are enabled.

The following is the list of features which are activated with the Advanced User License.

  • Ability to create/edit Language/Region lists
  • Ability to save your own report templates
  • Ability to copy taxonomic lists feature
  • Ability to create/edit User-defined Fields (UDFs)
  • Ability to export from the View Sightings window into CSV (Excel) format files
  • Ability to use the Tax Editor
  • Ability to use the Thing Editor
  • Ability to create/edit your own taxonomic lists
  • Ability to edit existing taxonomic lists
  • Ability to store PHOTOS and other attachments with any Sighting or Trip in Diary
  • Ability to COMPARE any two sets of sightings
  • Ability to produce the Diary Rank Report (Order, Family, Genera counts and highlighting)
  • Ability to produce more than 2 charts/graphs in the v5 chart panel.

Taxonomic Lists

Taxonomic lists are available at anytime to download and import into Birder's Diary, once a license has been purchased at the Online Store. While you can download the taxonomic and checklist files at any time, the downloads are password protected and you will not be able to use them without the password provided upon purchase.

The exception to this is that during your 30-day demo period, you will have access to any tax list available in the installation database.