Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Version 4.1 - Released February 15, 2015!

Version 4.1 is Here!

New Features

For a complete list of new features, please click here.


For complete pricing information, please see the Online Store page here.

Purchasing, Installing and Licensing version 4.1 for 3.x & 4.0 Users

  1. Be sure you are registered and logged-on to this web site.
  2. First you must purchase the proper license at the Online Store (this requires a separate registration at the Online Store - you will be prompted for your previous username or asked to register).
    Purchase the proper license based on what version you already have and whether you want an Advanced user license or a Basic user license.
  3. After purchasing the correct license in step #2 above, you will be given a License ID and password.
  4. Go to the Downloads >> Downloads page on this web site and start your installation of version 4.1 by clicking on the Install button for Network Installation for version 4.1.
  5. After installation
    1. Start Birder's Diary 4.1 (a database upgrade will take place now and this may take several minutes before you see the Diary main window)
    2. The License Information window should come up and say you are in Demo Mode. If it does not, select Help | License Info.
    3. Click on Unlock Now
    4. Enter your 4.1 License ID and password and click Ok.

*Note: If you receive a message during license activation to the effect of "exceeded activation allotment", then please send e-Mail to sales@BirdersDiary.com stating that you are receiving this error. Include your License IDs. I will reset your allotment and you will be able to complete the activation. In the meantime, Birder's Diary will be completely functional.

You have now purchased, installed and licensed your new Version 4.1. Congratulations!

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