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Why Choose Birder's Diary?

Video Demonstrating Some Key Features

You are looking for software to help you keep track of your sightings, enhance your ability to recall and review sightings, report on trends (e.g. spring warbler arrival dates), keep accurate life counts for any region or location, share your data easily with others - OR, perhaps you are considering switching from another product... so, why choose Birder's Diary?

  • Best customer support in the World! Yawn... you've heard it before. I stand behind my product. Go ahead, read the testimonials. You won't be disappointed.
  • All the data you need, when you want it, at your fingertips! The new v5 home screen displays your most recent photos, all of your latest sightings, your latest outings/checklists and unlimited user-defined and configured charts and graphs showing your progress for any region, time, etc. Note: Advanced license required for photo option and to create more than 2 charts.
  • Ability to import sightings from most any other source such as Mobile Apps and eBird! You can import/export from/to eBird with easy in Birder's Diary. In addition, take advantage of your favorite mobile app that allows you to record sightings while in the field. If that App uploads to eBird or exports a CSV-formatted file, Birder's Diary can easily import those sightings.
  • You want to spend your time in the field making sightings - not sitting in front of your computer recording them. You simply cannot enter sightings faster than you can with Birder's Diary. Voice recognition (yes it works wonderfully), SmartSearch keyboard entry [by common name, alias names, scientific name or band code] and simple checklist entry.
  • You want to be able to record sightings for other things that you see while birding. Birder's Diary may well be better termed Naturalist Diary as new taxonomic lists are being added every month to support a wide range of living things covering ever-expanding regions on Earth. Would you like to contribute to the list and make money? Submit your taxonomic list build with Birder's Diary to me and if it passes a quality review, I will make it available for sale to other users and you will earn 10% of net sales.
  • You want the ability to attach photos or any other document to your Sightings.
    Birder Diary allows you to attach an unlimited number of any kind of files to your Sightings and/or Trips. A photo viewer allows you to relive those moments and review your photos and documents.
  • Record any data you can imagine with your sightings.
    Birder's Diary allows you to define your own unlimited data fields (numeric, date, time, list-validated, yes/no, or text) to record any data you want for each sighting. You can then recall, query or report based on this data! This feature requires the Advanced User license.
  • Locations, locations, locations...
    Do not underestimate this feature. No one else has it or will have it. How do you record a sighting for the portion of the Smoky Mountains National Park that lies within Tennessee? And then have it show up on reports for Tennessee, or National Parks or SE United States? You can with Birder's Diary. It comes predefined with all political and standard geographical entities. You can easily add to this to define different parent/child relationships between locations, add new locations, etc. Each location can be linked to unlimited parent or child locations!
  • Fully Functional, Downloadable 30-day Free Trial - No Commitment!
    Try before you buy! You can download the product now over the internet and use it for 30 days free of charge - no commitment! If you decide you do not want it, then simply remove it from you system. In addition, bug fixes, future updates and enhancements, new and updated taxonomic lists will be available immediately from the internet. No waiting for purchases to arrive, refunds, bug fixes, updates to tax lists. Everything is made available as soon as it has completed quality review and tests. You can purchase that needed tax list for an upcoming trip abroad immediately and start using it within minutes!
  • Flexible Report Builder
    The report builder built-in to Birder's Diary comes complete with over 100 templates that show you how to create Sightings, Life List and Checklist reports. You can output them in a variety of formats include PDF, HTML, RTF, and Text. In addition, you can output your sightings filtered on any data you choose to CSV format for import into Excel® and other favorite spreadsheet or reporting tools.
  • Support for Bird Names in Multiple Languages
    You can easily switch from American name to European English names. Select French, Spanish or German common names for North American birds and many world birds.
  • Modern Software Application
    Do you want something that looks like it was meant to run on systems from 10 years ago or something built using the latest technology with a modern look and feel?

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