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Sharing your Desktop with Diary Support

Allowing Diary Technical Support access to your computer over the internet is fast, easy and the most reliable way to solve many technical issues you may be having with Birder's Diary. Simply follow the instructions below and within seconds Diary Technical Support can be on your system and assisting you with your problems.

Important: Online Desktop Sharing Support is by appointment only! Before you initiate Desktop Sharing below, post a new issue in the Online Forums. If the problem cannot be resolved there, Diary Support will recommend using this tool. A time for the desktop sharing session will be agreed upon between yourself and support and then you should come back here to initiate it by following the instructions below.

Instructions if you have v5.0 Build 43 or later...

Initiate Desktop Sharing by running Birder's Diary and choosing

Help » Internet: Invite Support onto your System

What if Birder's Diary won't Start

If you have Birder's Diary v5.0 Build 43 or later, but Birder's Diary won't start successfully, then run the file "C:\Birder's Diary\BD-DesktopSharing.exe". The easiest way to do this is to open Windows File Explorer (aka My Computer) and browse to C:\Birder's Diary\, then double-click on BD-DesktopSharing.exe.

If you don't have Birder's Diary installed or it is v5.0.42 or earlier...

  1. Download Birder's Diary Desktop Sharing by clicking on the button below. Your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, etc.) will download the file to your computer's default location.

    Download Desktop Sharing Program

  2. Run the Desktop Sharing Program. The method varies depending on your browser. 
    Important: You may be prompted to allow it to run by Windows UAC or your Anti-virus software (the name of the program will be TeamViewer) - be sure to allow this to run.
    1. On Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you will be prompted to Run or Save. Choose Run.
    2. On Google Chrome, click the small button on the lower left of the browser window.
    3. On FireFox, click the download arrow on the upper right of the browser window.
  3. Within a few seconds, Birder's Diary Desktop Sharing will run. You will be prompted to allow Support onto your machine via a popup window. Please ALLOW

What If You Have TeamViewer Installed on your Computer?

Your copy of TeamViewer is not compatible with the custom version we use at Birder's Diary.

So, if you have TeamViewer installed on your computer, you will need to simply Exit the running program. No need to uninstall it.

Do this by locating the TeamViewer icon in the lower right portion of your screen where the date/time are displayed.

Now right-click on the TeamViewer icon and choose Exit from the popup menu. 

Now you can connect to Birder's Diary support via the instructions above.