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Group Discussion Forums

Group Discussion for Birder's Diary is available via discussion forums (internet discussion board) on this page or choose Support => Product Forums from the menu at the top of this page. You must be logged on to this site in order to interact (post and reply) with forums on this site. You can read and search existing posts without being logged on to this site.

The discussion forums allow users to exchange techniques, discuss features, report problems, ask how-to questions and keep in touch with the latest updates on Birder's Diary.

The concept of group forums (e.g. discussion boards) is broken down into

  • A Forum - discussions centered around a central theme or topic. Each forum consists of
    • multiple Threads (or Topics)- each thread is started by a single user, concerning one idea or topic and can contain
      • none to many Replies - from various users of interest including the original author of the thread.
  • You can Search all forums for topics of interest before you post. This can save you time because you can find where an issue or question has already be posted. You can immediately find your answer and move on. If you don't find anything that fits your query, then go ahead and post a new Thread in the appropriate Forum.

Discussion Forums are created with the general Internet public in mind. What that means to you is that it is meant to be easy to use and understand by all internet users. So don't be afraid to use it and get acquainted with it.

There are four forums (discussion boards) available for general topics:

  • How-To - use this for specific "How do I accomplish so-n-so..." questions
  • General - general questions about Birder's Diary
  • Wish List - specify things you would like to see in future releases of Birder's Diary
  • Technical Support - this forum is monitored closely and continuously by support personnel. Post your issues here and they will be responded to promptly during business hours.

There is also a forum for the sharing of updated Checklist (associating things with locations; e.g. latest list of birds for Colorado) data, new with v3.6.

  • Checklist