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Importing many checklists from eBird in ONE IMPORT.
Last Post 07/23/2019 9:15 PM by Jeff Jones. 1 Replies.
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Jeff Jones
Great Gray Owl
Great Gray Owl

11/16/2018 5:11 PM
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With eBird, you have the ability to download ALL of your checklists in one file, or one checklist at a time. If you just got back from a long birding trip and have many eBird checklists to download and import into Birder's Diary, you may be wondering is there any way to do this that doesn't require importing each of the many checklists one at a time. YES!

  1. Download all of your Checklists in one file. Go to and click on the link for Download my data. Follow the instructions and you will soon have a file containing all of your eBird checklist, but in species order. Download that file to your computer.
  2. Now open the file with Excel or some other spreadsheet program. Sort your records in DATE descending order. 
    1. Select the DATE column by clicking on the header for it; this selects the entire contents of that column.
    2. Click on the Sort & Filter dropdown in the Excel toolbar. Select Sort Newest to Oldest.
    3. Now select the first Row below all the records you want to import by clicking on the ROW selector.
    4. Manually scroll the view to the bottom of the list; it may be long. 
    5. Shift+Click on the last row of data. This will select every row from #3 above down to the last row.
    6. Right Click on the row labels and choose Delete from the popup menu.
    7. Now, only the sightings you want to import from the most recent checklists you are interested in are left.
    8. Save the file back to CSV format.
  3. Import the modified CSV file using standard eBird import process in Birder's ​


Birder's Diary Technical Support
Jeff Jones
Great Gray Owl
Great Gray Owl

07/23/2019 9:15 PM
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UPDATE: In version 5.1 Build 48 and later, you can now select and import multiple eBird import files from the Import window. This saves you the step of having to reselect a new file after each import.

Birder's Diary Technical Support
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