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It’s a new and better experience! From the trusted developers of Birder’s Diary for the past 25 years.

The Birder’s Diary Mobile App EXPERIENCE!

You want to focus on seeing birds, finding birds, identifying birds (or any Thing) while you are in the field.
You need an App that helps you accomplish these main goals without getting in your way. That is the goal of this App’s Experience.
Checking off sightings with one hand; no reading glasses required; no typing required to enter a Sighting.
Supports Voice Recognition for checking off Sightings.
Automatic recording of lat/lng/alt/date-time for each click; nothing for you to have to remember about each sighting sometime later.
Tools to help you know if this bird is common or rare at this location and time of year (abundance chart for each Thing).
Quickly check to see if any sightings have been recorded with Cornell’s eBird database on any bird on your Checklist.
Quickly get extra info or range map for any bird on your Checklist.
Quick access to a huge library of sound recordings for any bird on your Checklist sorted by proximity to your current location.
Quickly imports into Birder’s Diary Desktop (since 1995) for extended analysis, reporting, graphing, editing, etc.
Visualize your Outing Track with each Sighting pin-pointed on a Google Map; tracking total distance of your Track also.
An App that does more than just Birds.

As of 18-APR-2020, Birder’s Diary Mobile for Android v1.0 was released to the Google Play Store.

  • v1.36 – Play songs for all bird species from Xeno-Canto library. Sorted by distance from current location. Available from Sightings Comments window.
  • v1.35 – Notable Nearby Species feature. New Species Info/Range Map/Neary Sightings features on Sightings Comments window.
  • v1.32 – Newly downloaded bird checklists will now show abundance graphs for each species for the entire year on the Checklist.
  • NEW (3-JUL-2021, v1.29) interactive Google Map with improved GPS accuracy. Shows your track and pinpoints each sighting entered.
  • VOICE RECOGNITION for sightings entry. Data connection required.
  • Ability to load your own user-created Checklists. Birder’s Diary Desktop can also create custom checklists for your use in BD Mobile. (see here)
  • One handed use; left and right-handed configurations.
  • No typing required to record sightings.
  • Adjustable font size for easy reading in the field.
  • Record Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and Time of each click.
  • Imports quickly and easily into Birder’s Diary Desktop.
  • Birder’s Diary Desktop produces HTML reports to share on social media, with friends and family easily. The report contains an interactive GPS Google Map pin-pointing sightings, showing sightings details, and a photo gallery of any photos you attached to your sightings.
  • Record sightings for birds, butterflies, plants, reptiles, mammals, etc. all in the same outing at the same time, using the same app.
  • Up to date, date-specific bird checklist for any location in the World.
  • Clean and fast; simple and intuitive.

No annoying advertising in the App!

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Using Birder’s Diary Desktop with Birder’s Diary Mobile