Annual Everything License


If you are a first time customer or a long time Birder’s Diary user, this new licensing option has been requested for many years. We are happy to offer this now!

If you regularly purchase more than one taxonomic list per year along with the annual product upgrade, then this option is for you!

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For the Birder/Naturalist that wants it all!

New with v5.2!

  • If you annually purchase more than 1 taxonomic list update and product upgrade, then this license is for you.
  • A new Annual Everything License that includes all features and taxonomic lists available in Birder’s Diary for 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • Advanced User License; all Advanced Features enabled.
  • Every tax list (23) available in Birder’s Diary. No taxonomic lists to purchase with this option. You are entitled to all taxonomic lists while the license is active.
  • Entitles you to all upgrades, updates, new releases, new taxonomic lists; EVERYTHING that comes out during the year.
  • Expires one year from date of purchase; no auto-billing. You can simply renew for another year or revert back to single a la carte licensing. This includes all taxonomic lists and program versions for which you do not have a specific a la carte license for.

IMPORTANT: If you let this expire without renewing, you will NOT be able to continue using the version of Birder’s Diary nor the Taxonomic Lists for which you do not have an a la carte (specific) license. For example, you last purchased an a la carte license for v5.3 and Clements 2021. Then you went to this Annual Everything License and started using v6.0 and Clements 2022, along with Plants of the USA and Mammals of the World. Now, after a year, you decide not to renew the Annual Everything License, you would NOT be able to continue to use BD v6.0, and the Clements 2022, Plants, and Mammals taxonomic lists. You would be able to use Clements v5.3 and Clements 2021. You could however purchase a la carte licenses for BD v6.0, and the Clements 2022, Plants and Mammals taxonomic lists. The a la carte allows you to use those products forever. This Annual Everything license makes financial sense if you annually purchase 1 or more taxonomic lists and the new version of the Birder’s Diary program. In that case, you come out ahead and you get access to everything available, including an Advanced license.

$114 renewal

$129 first time

RENEWAL RULES: As long as you have previously purchased the Annual License at the full price (or a subsquent renewal license), you can purchase the renewal license at any time up to the expiration of the previous annual license. Your 365 days will be added to the expiration of the previous license. For example, if you purchase 30 days in advance of your expiration, once you activate your renewal license you will see that your new expiration will be 365 plus 30 days in the future. If you fail to purchase before your annual license expiration, you must purchase at the full price again.