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Technical support is initially and primarily handled via the Tech Support forum. This maintains a history of all problem/solutions that users may research on their own. But rest assured – we take ownership of all Diary-related issues. If a simple dialog in the Support forum does not resolve the issue, then we will use a desktop sharing program that will allow us access to your computer to further assist in resolving the problem. We will NOT leave you hanging. We have helped many customers over the years resolve their issues in mere minutes with this tool. All you need is an internet connection.

We prefer not to solve problems via e-Mail as then we have lost the experience and solution which is automatically captured using the Support forum. And others cannot benefit from this lost information.

In most situations, we will respond to your post in the Support forum within an hour.

We care very much about your satisfaction with the product and that it is functioning as designed.

You can send us an email using the form below, or feel free to use your favorite email utility and send to Either way, you will receive a prompt and courteous response to assist you with your needs.

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