Download and Install the Latest Version of Birder's Diary

Download the latest version of the Birder’s Diary Installer program by clicking on the button below. This will download a file with the name of BDVxy-setup.exe. After the download completes, run this file to install, or upgrade to, the latest version of Birder’s Diary.

If this is the first time you have installed Birder’s Diary, then there are no Taxonomic Lists to download. The demo database that is installed will already have all of the available taxonomic lists in it. This installer contains everything.

If you are simply upgrading your version of Birder’s Diary, then this installation will only install a new program and various updated files.

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Latest Version of Birder’s Diary
V6.1 build 29 – 4 Mar 2024

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Installation/Antivirus Issues

Please note, that most installation issues are due to installed Antivirus programs!

If you are having any trouble with installation or running Birder’s Diary after installation, please send email to and we will assist to get you up and running.

  • You may or may not get a notification from your antivirus program that it has blocked the installation or certain files in the installation.
  • Your antivirus notification may or may not give you an option to Trust or Allow the installation or file.
  • Often, your only option is to completely disable or completely remove (when disable doesn’t solve the problem) your antivirus programs.
  • The various flavors of Norton are one of the biggest offenders. Often, the only way is to completely uinstall Norton. In many instances you may have to configure Norton to ignore the C:\Birder’s Diary directory. Instructions here.
  • Windows Defender is FREE. It comes with Windows automatically and in most cases will be auto-enabled as soon as you uninstall all other antivirus programs on your computer. Defender has no issues with Birder’s Diary.
    • NOTE: on 24-Aug-2023 Defender starting flagging the v6.1 installer (BDV61.exe) as a virus. I reported this to Microsoft on 25-Aug-2023, and they had it fixed within an hour! It should no longer report any issue. Compare this with Norton in the next bullet.
    • ALSO: on the same date, I notified Norton again about its False Positive report of the same file. It said it would take 48 hours to analyze and correct. It is now 23 days later and it is still in the same state – analyzing. With my experience over 20 years of dealing with Norton, they will never do anything. The site to report False Positives is simply a trash can for wasting time. You can see it here for yourself.
A Word on Anti-virus Programs

Anti-virus Programs

IMPORTANT Recent updates to anti-virus software (e.g. Windows Defender, Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee etc) definition files causes them to flag this download as a potential Trojan Virus. This is because we use an older installation program that they do not recognize. This installation does NOT contain any viruses. Microsoft Windows Defender and Norton updated their definitions at our request, and after their analysis, to allow for this installer to run without flagging. All of the other major antivirus vendors were also requested to correct their definitions. McAfee seems to be the most difficult to contact and no positive response from them has been received.
SOLUTION: Temporarily disable your particular anti-virus program in order to run this installation. (Simply Google “How to disable ‘your-anti-virus-program-here'”) Or, you can get rid of all of your anti-virus software and only use Microsoft Windows Defender (it’s FREE). That is my recommendation.
ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM CONCERNSIt is important to be aware of the basic business model behind most all Anti-virus programs. They have access to all your data, all your browsing, everything! This is necessary to accomplish their stated goal of protecting you and your computer. What is also buried deep in their End-User License Agreement is the fact that they can collect, share and sell all of that data at their discretion. That is the basic business model of how these programs make money. Data sells! and sells Big! How is that any different from the spyware it is meant to protect you from. Educate yourself. Read this article among others that are readily available online.
FINAL WORD: Don’t run more than one such program on your computer; as they compete against each other and significantly degrade your computer’s performance. Don’t pay for one when many are free. Use Microsoft’s solution – Windows Defender (aka Security Essentials) – as it is FREE and made by the folks that create your operating system. Disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection to Microsoft or Windows Defender, and receive no reimbursement from them for this endorsement. I simply believe it is the best option and most all folks I know in the industry use ONLY Windows Defender. This is simply a service to our Birder’s Diary customers.

Older Versions of Birder’s Diary


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Miscellaneous Downloads

Fix Corrupted License File

Will replace corrupted License File with fresh/empty file. Requiring re-activation.

Download Installer


  1. I attempted to upgrade to Birder’s Diary 5.1 this week, but experienced some issues that required that I contact Jeff Jones for his help and assistance. It turns out that my Norton anti-virus program was causing problems for my download and installation. A BIG thank you to Jeff for his troubleshooting of the problem. Not only did he know exactly what to do to remedy the situation, but he did so in a very timely manner. He also gave me some very valuable advice about anti-virus programs. I am now happily running Windows Defender and saving myself the cost of Norton. Thanks, so much, Jeff! And, BTW, I love Birder’s Diary.

  2. I had been getting error messages when trying to update BD. Suspecting Norton, I uninstalled it completely (or so I thought). Still got error messages regarding licensing at login, and wouldn’t allow update. Shared screen with Jeff, and he was able to fix by noticing there was still a Norton add-in running in Chrome (icon visible in task bar). Removed it and problem solved.

  3. We only have version 4.1 and I want to download birders diary to my new laptop. Will that work if I download the newer versions? If not do I need to pay to upgrade? Thanks

  4. HI Debbie.

    v4.1 is no longer supported nor provided. It simply gets too complicated and costly to support such older versions from years ago.

    Yes, you will need to upgrade and pay for the upgrade. Before Monday (21-SEP) DIARY52 will get you 10% off. The upgrade to v5.2 Advanced is $59, Basic is $24.

    Let me know if I can assist further.


  5. I am interested in your 30 day free trial. How do I access that?

  6. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for writing and for your interest in Birder’s Diary.

    To start using your 30 day trial, simply go to the “Downloads >> Birder’s Diary Program” page on this site.

    Click on the button to download the installer. Then run the installer. Once the installation is complete, double-click on the Birder’s Diary desktop shortcut to run it. That is it!

    Be sure to go through the Quick Start Guide first (under the Help menu).

    Send email to if you have any questions.


  7. Hey, listen, Jeff . . asking for a friend. I don’t really like having to be told that Norton won’t open my BD files; nor do I like being told to disable it because it won’t accommodate BD. We’ve been together a while, just sayin . . . I want to get new taxonomies but am tired of this pushme pullyu. Discuss?

  8. Hi Sungrebe,

    I wish I had an easy answer. I have absolutely no control over what programs like Norton do. Have you tried talking to Norton? This is simply beyond my control.

    We should have this discussion in the forums. Please create a post there (Support >> Forums) to continue this discussion and we can resolve it for you.

    I would like to know the details of exactly where you are experiencing the problem. Is it with Norton or is your Web Browser (e.g. the latest Edge) causing you problems.

    If you want, I can get onto your computer and take a look at all of this and get you running.

    Let me know,
    p.s. If you prefer to discuss via email:

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