Birder's Diary Desktop Features

Birder’s Diary Desktop for your Windows PC is by far the most feature-rich product available anywhere. After 25 years (it started in 1995!) of continuous improvement, no one can catch up or come close to matching the extensive functionality to be found in our product. 25 years of customer use, customer requests, improvements, enhancments, always staying on top of the industry standards – we are sure you will find what you need. If you don’t, we will add it – just drop us a note.

Flexible Report Designer

Build your own reports from pre-existing templates. Create and save your own templates for future use. Specify font colors, size, type, etc. Multple columns and formats. Print reports or save to text or PDF format.

eBird Worldwide Sightings Search

Search the eBird Worldwide Sightings database from Birder’s Diary when planning your next Outing or Trip. Know what birds are being seen for any location in the World and if any of those would be Lifers for you! A whole new way to plan trips and outings. Find out if any new Lifers are being seen in your area each time you start Birder’s Diary.

Attach Photos to your Sightings

Attach photos or any media to your sightings in Birder’s Diary. View or edit your sightings using the built-in photo viewer.

Family Report

Interactive HTML report. 

  • How many Orders/Families/Genera/Species have I seen at any location or World; what am I missing?
  • Drill down to different levels.
  • Color-coded in order to see which levels have some, all or no sightings attached.

User-defined Data

You have the ability to define unlimited data elements to capture exactly all the data you want with each sighting. A very important feature. You can use this user-defined data everywhere in Birder’s Diary; e.g. filtering sightings and reporting.

Abundance Charts

Single species and multiple species abundance charts showing your data with filtering.

Sightings Entry

Whether using Keyboard or Checklist entry modes or importing from your mobile app, you want to spend more time in the field and less time entering data. Birder’s Diary is rated the fasted entry in the industry. Multiple entry modes and SmartSearch data entryis the fastest available.

All Your Data at your Fingertips

The main Birder’s Diary window contains a snapshot of your Latest Outings, Latest Sightings, Latest Photos, User-defined Graphs and Charts and User-defined Lifer Bars showing your counts for any location in the World. It’s your starting point each time you open Birder’s Diary.

Import and Export

Birder’s Diary supports importing and exporting data from most all data sources. Complete integration built-in for eBird import/export. Ability to import data from any of the various mobile apps.

Lifer Notifications

Receive notifications of World, Annual or Location lifers when entering or importing your sightings.

Sightings Comparison Tool

Compare any two subsets of Sightings in your database to show what was in common and what was different. Very powerful tool that is one of the most often used features.

  • What did you and your partner see on a recent trip? What did you see in common and what did each see that the other did not?
  • What warblers did I see this year that I didn’t last year?
  • What species have I seen in my county versus another county?

Many Taxonomic Lists

Aside from both Clements and the IOC taxonomic lists for all the birds of the World, there is also the ABA and AOU regional lists. Also, Mammals of the World, All the Vascular Plants of North America, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Moths, Fishes, Reptiles, etc.

Checklist Editor

An editor for associating Things with Locations. With this you can setup custom checklists for your backyard, local park, etc. Or modify existing associations.

Alias Names Editor

An editor that allows you to assign alias names to any Thing in your database. You can configure such that Birder’s Diary recognizes Snowbird as Dark-eyed Junco.

HTML Sightings Report w/ Photo Gallery & Interactive Google Map

Build a customizable HTML sightings report containing attached photos in a gallery and an interactive Google Map showing each sighting’s location. Uploaded to the Birder’s Diary cloud so you can share with friends and online via social media with only a short web link! See examples here.

View Your Sightings in Google Earth

Using Birder’s Diary Mobile, lat/lng/alt is captured for each sighting recorded. With that data, you can easily view your sightings in Google Earth Desktop or Web versions. What sightings you view is completely up to you. Export and launch sightings from the View Sightings window.

Split Wizard on Taxonomic Updates

On taxonomic updates, a Split Wizard walks you through all the Splits/Lumps/Additions/Deletions. Birder’s Diary makes 99% of the decisions for you, for the rest you have the Split Wizard.

Backup and Restore

Built-in Backup/Restore capability to keep your data, settings and photos backed up.

Location, Location, Location!

Unlimited location flexibility. Each location having the ability to belong to multiple parents and contain multiple children. No one else has this.

Quick Counts

Quickly get Lifer Counts, Big Day/Month/Year counts, Order/Family/Genera counts for any location, observer and time range. Also produces Top 100 Big Day/Month/Year data exported to spreadsheet.


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