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ABA and AOS 2020 Ta...
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[Solved] ABA and AOS 2020 Taxonomy and Checklists

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I had a chance to review the ABA and AOS 2020 Tax and Checklists and here are my findings.

1) BD ABA Taxonomy List count 1120 (agrees with official ABA checklist)

BD ABA Checklist count 1091 (short by 29 species)

Of those, 28 are ABA designation code 6 (cannot be found: extinct or survivors are kept in captivity). My understanding they are off the BD list on purpose because of extinction.

However one is alive and well and sighted in Alaska. A Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler sighting was accepted by the ABA in May 2020 (see the ABA report

Action: Add "Alaska" to the locations for Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler

2) BD AOS Taxonomy List count 2158 (agrees with official AOS checklist)

BD AOS Checklist count 2121 (short 37 species)

Of those 35 are AOS coded () (Extinct)

However two are not. Kakawahie and Kauai Akialoa do not have the extinct symbol () after their entry in the official AOS checklist. However, ABA has them listed as code 6 so there is a slight disagreement between the two associations.

On line literature indicates they are probably extinct so if you do nothing it is OK by me.

That's all I have, Al


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Thanks Al.