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Account deletion
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[Solved] Account deletion

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I just sent an email direct, but I'm posting my issue to the Forum as well:



JJI just received this email that my account has been deleted. I don’t understand. I did not delete any files other than overwriting my old backup file with the new one this afternoon. I did not ask BD to delete me. I checked my device and find all data seem intact. I checked my BD application and find that my records, sightings and Clements file is intact also. I’m not aware that any downloads have been deleted.

Please help! If my account has indeed been deleted, please restore!

Lew Ligocki (Calumet)



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Hi Lew,

Sorry about this. Today was chaos! Only this web site's account was deleted, and only 4 users; one of which was you.

Recreating your account was the right move.

Today, one of the 3rd party apps (these forums) upgraded to a new version and literally broke the entire web site. I have spent the last 8 hours getting this working again.

As far as I can tell, all is working now, except the 4 deleted accounts (this web site only; not the Online Store site). And as you have discerned, recreating your account on this site was the correct answer.

Again, very sorry for this; but a surprise to me as well and completely out of my control. A lot of sites that use these forums have been bombarding the makers for this rather sloppy and untested release. Upgrade errors do occur as I know, but the number and impact of these errors were shocking to all users of these forums. 

Let me know if you notice anything else whacky please. Take care.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the prompt response, especially considering today's chaos with BD. Lucky the damage was so minimal to me. I'm glad my problem wasn't something I inadvertently did while I was doing today's entry.

Good to hear you have the site up and running. I hope you have a much better day tomorrow.

BTW, I'm delighted with the latest version of BD.


Lew (Calumet)