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[Solved] Add a genus similar to one already added

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how do I add a name to a taxonomic level when a similar name is already added. For example when trying to add the genus Bia it automatically switches to Bias. How can I put in Bia without the autofill automatically fill in another name?

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for posting.

A common question. The answer is to temporarily turn off auto-complete on the Genus field. To do this, while in the Genus field (or any auto-complete SmartSearch field anywhere in BD) press Ctrl+DownArrow on your keyboard. This disables SmartSearch on this field until you close and reopen the field. Now you can successfully type any name you want.

TIP: to get quick help on any SmartSearch field (light green background) in BD, press Alt+F1 on your keyboard while that field has focus. You will get a popup with this info and lots of other stuff.


Let me know if I can assist further.