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BD app date/time
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[Solved] BD app date/time

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I know there are people who use the time field for each individual sighting. I do not. I manually change the time of each sighting to the time of the whole outing. That way, I can distinguish separate outings for the same location/date.

Although it seems to work for some people, to me, using the time field for each sighting doesn't work because it only records the time of the first sighting of a particular species. The other sightings (part of the count), which were probably made a other times, just go along for the ride.

So, perhaps there could be an option for it to do what I do. I need SOME place to record the time I will be using for the eBird checklist.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your continued use and ideas for the Mobile App. 

There seems to be two things here:

  1. Settings for separating sightings in BD Mobile
    On the "Finish Outing" page, click on the wrench button to set parameters for determining the Sightings Groupings on output to CSV for import into BD Desktop. In BD Mobile, each tap on a row is stored as an individual Sighting with its own date/time stamp and lat/lng. When creating the CSV file for import into BD Destkop, these settings determine which sightings get grouped with others. As with most pages in the Mobile App, click on the ? button for more details on these options. You can set it so that all sightings of the same Thing are considered one Sighting, or that each sighting of the same Thing (regardless of time and distance from last) is a separate sighting when creating the import file for BD Desktop.
  2. Exporting sightings from BD Desktop for import into eBird
    eBird imports ignore subsequent records for the same species found in the import file! Therefore, when you export Sightings from BD for eBird import, multiple sightings for the same species are combined. Also, eBird ignores the date/time on sightings imported. It only uses the start/end times for the checklist outing in its data. So, unless my understanding is wrong somewhere, you don't need to modify individual sightings' date/time for eBird import at all. 

Further note: on the Finish Outing page, you can modify the Start and End date/time by touching each and adjusting.

Let me know if I have missed anything or misunderstood something.


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That's good that you can modify the start/end time. i had not noticed that.

In my comment, I was just saying I throw away the individual times that the app records, and just put the start time for the outing as the time for all the sightings.

While it is true I don't need to modify the times for eBird import, I DO need to modify the times residing in BD desktop for the way I do things. If I bird the same location on the same day, but at different times, there is no way in BD to indicate that because BD does not work on the "checklist" model. I know I could do that with a "Trip", but I don't go to that detail. I would end up with to many "trips" to manage.

It would be nice if the metadata a Trip could record (if enhanced in a future release) could be reflected in the eBird export somehow.

Yes, I remember seeing I could set it to separate each sighting. That might be useful at times. I know that is a philosophical question.