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[Solved] Clipped Text

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Hello jeff,

I thought I'd give you some good news for a change. A few years ago, I had prints of sightings with the right edge text clipped off. You blamed my printer, but it occurred on both my printers. I was printing my Doomsday Backup (hard copies of my sightings) today and the printed copies had no clipped text. So sometime after Jan 14, 2020, the problem resolved itself or you did something unknowingly. Anyhow, see the attachments for then and now.

Sightings 2020
Sightings 2021


Well done, Al Borodayko

Cypress, CA


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Hi Al,

Thanks for this update. Glad to hear it is working.

For sure, I made no changes to BD in this area.

These issues are usually centered around the printer driver in use for your specific printer and your version of the OS. Likely, the printer driver was updated at some point automatically or otherwise. The printer drivers are supplied by your printer maker, or in their absence Windows often has and uses a generic print driver for most types of printers. Either of these are the likely problem and an update fixed it.

Nice looking report layout.

Take care and Happy Holidays!