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Correcting error in...
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[Solved] Correcting error in adding new species

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I was adding some hybrids, and uncertain ID categories to a bird list, and I inadvertantly forgot to check the Not Countable box for one of these.  I can't seem to find a way to correct this mistake, or even to delete the erroneous addition and start over.  I would appreciate advice on how to correct.

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Hi David,

First, be sure to upgrade to v6.1 Build 26. The last few builds had some changes in this area.

1. Deleting a Thing from a Taxonomy

I have added this one since you asked, but use #2 below as it is best.

You can delete the Thing(s) you added to a taxonomy and then re-add them.

In the Taxonomy Viewer (F8), load your taxonomy, navigate to the Thing to remove, select it, then click on the red "X" button in this window's toolbar to remove it.


Now, re-add the thing with the Not Countable selected.

2. Editing a Thing and Setting or Clearing the "Not Countable" flag

Using the Taxonomy Viewer, you can likewise select the Thing in question and then Edit it with the red "Pencil" button in the toolbar and change the "Not Countable" setting.

Now, all sightings associated with this Thing will be corrected.


NOTE: In View & Edit Sightings, you can display the LLD? and the Countable? fields. Before editing your "Not Countable" Thing and setting this flag, all Sightings for this Thing will show up on this window with the "Countable?" column not set. (Unintuitive). After editing this Thing in the Tax Viewer and and setting the "Not Countable" flag, the "LLD?" column will remain unchanged, but the "Countable?" column will be set, properly showing the change.


I know I had a reason for this unintuitive column header of "Countable" vs "Not Countable", but I cannot remember what it is now. If I can't come up with the reason, then I will fix this column header to read "Not Countable" in the future.


NOTE: The LLD and the Countable flags mean slightly different things. But rest assured, that with this Sighting now set to "Not Countable" it will not be used in Life List reports and counting.


NOTE: In addition, no Sighting against a Thing, that is not defined to at least the Species level, will be counted in a Life Count or Life Report. But a Hybrid is defined to the species level and therefore needs the "Not Countable" flag set.