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[Solved] Does New App License purchase require new Taxonomy purchase

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On Aug 22 I purchased a new license to Birder's Diary.  Three years ago I purchased Birder's Diary and Clements/Cornell - World - 2016.  With my new purchase this weeked to the newer Birder's Diary, do i need to purchase another Clements/Cornell - World license?  Or can I use the Clements/Cornell - World - 2016 and update it?

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Hello Charles,

Thanks for posting. I did answer your email with this same question, but for completeness, I will also answer here.

You do not need to purchase Clements/Cornell again to use with Birder's Diary v5.1. But you can if you want.

All you need to do is to install v5.1 and run it. You will be up and running with Clements 2016.

1. The first time you run v5.1, the program has to download a lot of new data. Expect this to last 8-12 minutes depending on computer/internet speed.
2. If you want to upgrade to Clements 2019, you will need to pay the full price as the upgrade price is only allowed if you have a license for the previous version.

Let me know if I can assist with anything further.