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[Solved] Downloading from Birders DFiary

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Jeff and all,

You are personna nongratus at Microsoft Windows. For the benefit of the group, here are the steps I had to take to download the new 2020 taxonomies.

1 Click on the taxonomy at the store

. In the lower left corner is a note that the program is blocked. Click on the "three dots" (Options) (See Attach 1 Download).

2 The file appears with the blocked program. Click on "Keep" for that program See Attach 2).

3 Click on "Show More" (See Attach 3).

4 Click on "Keep Anyway" (See Attach 4). The program will then install to the downloads folder in the computer.

After that, one can start the install process.

Hope this helps clear up some of the problems.

1 Download
2 Keep
3 Show More
4 Keep Anyway


Regards, Al Borodayko

Cypress, CA


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Hi Al,

Thanks for the post. But it has been that way, in one form or another depending on the version of Windows and the browser being used, for 10+ years now. 

Especially when brand new downloads are added (e.g. the 2020 tax lists), as Microsoft, Windows Defender, Edge Browser, etc. etc. have never seen these files before and therefore do not have a fingerprint built for them yet.

As more folks download the new installer files and choose keep, etc. then such programs will complain less and less around the World. And it starts all over again next release.

I have been fighting this war for years and years. I have learned that the easiest way is to let the programs learn as more downloads are made by customers. Going through these various companies, programs, antivirus trash apps' pre-approval process ahead of time is a ridiculous waste of time. Hours, days and weeks spent, and half still do not recognize your program when it hits the web.

I am quite surprised that this may be the first time you have experienced this. Edge has gotten more restrictive lately and that may be what you are using here.


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This is not the first time I had the program blocked. It was the first time I experienced "Keep". In the past, all I had to do is click "Run Anyway" without the additional steps. That's why I brought it up.