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Error with license ...
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[Solved] Error with license control

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I have been happily running v5.1 for a long time on my laptop.  When I tried to open BD today, I got the following errors before it would even open (on the screen with the bird pictures and song):  Error with License Control.  ErrNum=13, Description=<WRONG PASSWORD>  and   Error with License Control.  ErrNum= 18, Description + <INVALID LFHANDLE>.

When I closed those, BD opened with all my numbers and bars intact, but the icons along the top for functions were blank.  

The Help function was available and under that, the License tab said I was running a demo version.  I tried to open BD as the administrator but got the same errors and when I tried to activate my license, I got the same errors and then it just closed the program.  

I am not running Norton or any other antivirus except Avast.

Nothing has changed with this laptop.  


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Hi pbrust,

This indicates a corrupt license file. 

You can correct this by downloading and running this program.

This program will replace your existing license file with a new blank one.

After running this, start BD by right-clicking on the desktop icon and choosing 'run as admin', because you will need to activate your User License again (your taxonomic list licenses should be fine).

Then exit and restart BD normally. All should be good, unless the problem is antivirus.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can assist further with any of this.

Please update me with a response here. 


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This solution worked perfectly.  Thank you!