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[Solved] How to add missing subspecies Nothura darwinii peruviana to Clements 2022 taxonomy

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If you imported Clements 2022 before upgraded to Birder's Diary v6.0 Build 17 or later, then the import process will errantly not add Nothura darwinii peruviana.

Follow these steps to add this subspecies to your Clements 2022 taxonomy.

Assuming you already have Clements 2022 imported.

  1. Run Birder's Diary
  2. Open the Taxonomy Viewer (F8) or 'Features | Advanced | Taxonomy Viewer' in the main menu.
  3. Select Clements 2022 from the dropdown and click on the Load button.
  4. Expand the taxonomy to make sure that Nothura darwinii peruviana is missing.

  5. If present, nothing more to do. If not present, continue to next step.
  6. Click on the GREEN "+" button in this window's toolbar.
  7. Fill the "Add Thing..." window out as shown here.
  8. Click on the ADD button.
  9. Close this window.
  10. Back on the Taxonomy Viewer window, the newly added subspecies will probably be last in the list of subspecies for N. darwinii. Click and drag N. d. peruviana up and drop it on the N. darwinii species node, so that it will be the first subspecies in the order.
  11. Close the Taxonomy Viewer.

That will take care of it.

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