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Issues with restore...
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Issues with restore - Runtime error 91.

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I recently put 5.2 on a new computer but am having issues with restoring from a back up file. See error message below. I do run the program as administrator when getting this message.




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Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting, and for the screenshots. They always help.

While upgrading your DB to v5.2.49, it attempts to download eBird species (new v5.2 feature) from eBird. This is used in the new 5.2 World Bird Search feature.

This error indicates that the request to the eBird service timed out. There can be a few reasons for this, but usually it is because your antivirus software has prevented BD from accessing the internet. Or sometimes, when BD does this for the first time, Windows (or AV software), asks you if you want to allow this and you don't allow; it doesn't ask anymore and just denies the request resulting in this error.

With that said, it should continue on without the RTE-91 when this happens. But in your case, not.

I should get onto your computer to have a look at this and get things working. I see that you also sent me email, so I will respond to that email in order to setup a time with you to get this working. Check your email for that please.