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[Solved] Life list report went up after refreshing lifer bars

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I saw a new life bird. I entered it. Then I looked at a life list report and saw the bird listed. It was number x. I closed the report. Then I refreshed the lifer bars. That then said 1 more than the report. I went back into the report and it now says x+1, agreeing with the lifer bar. Both use the same checklist. What happened? I just upgraded to 5.2.40.

I suppose I could restore from a backup and try this again.

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Hi David,

Interesting. I just tried the same, and could not reproduce the problem. I can't think of why that might happen either. 

So, refreshing the Lifer Bars increased the count on a Life List report? Refreshing the lifer bars doesn't change or update the data in any way, so I can't explain it.

But if you can figure out how to reproduce it, let me know please.