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[Solved] Lifers

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I recently did a trip to Montana.  I saw 46 birds that include 18 that I had never seen before.  How can I get list of the 18?

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Hi SWTraveler2015,

Thanks for posting.

There are many ways to get what you are after in BD. 

One I would choose is simply a Sightings Report (Report Designer window, Sightings Tab; see pic below) for your trip. Choose to turn on Lifer Highlighting as shown in step #4.


You will get a report of All your species sighted instead of just the lifers, but the lifers in the report will be highlighted so that they stand out. 

Be sure to watch the How-To Video (button on this window) to learn all the Ins and Outs of configuring your perfect report.

Let me know if I can assist further.