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[Solved] Print checklist with photos

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I searched for the answer to this question, but haven't found it. Is there a way to print a report or checklist and include the photos that were uploaded? I thought it would be neat to be able to create a field guide of sorts for the different animals and plants that I have found on my property. If I just missed how to do that, please direct me where to look. Thanks so much!

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting.

You cannot use the Report Designer in BD to generate a report with photos. The 3rd party control I used years ago for this doesn't support it.

That is why I created the HTML report option in View/Edit.

You can see examples of these reports here.

If you attach photos to your sightings and then produce a report using this feature, you will get a photo gallery at the bottom of the report that contains all attached photos. 

This creates an HTML (rendered by any web browser [e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc.]) report on your computer (for sharing with others) and optionally uploads it to this site so you can simply share a link with friends, social media, etc and everyone can see the report with photos.

Also, if you attach lat/lng to your sightings, either manually or by using the Birder's Diary Mobile for Android app automatically, this report produces an interactive Map showing all the sightings in your report! It is really cool. 

You can quickly and easily produce this report for any selected sightings in the View/Edit grid when you click the HTML report option in the toolbar. See screenshot below.


Here is the report generated by this example of my sightings today.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if I can assist further with anything.