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Run-Time Error 48 -...
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[Solved] Run-Time Error 48 - File not found: SKCA32.dll

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Lately, several Birder's Diary users are receiving this error when they attempt to activate a Birder's Diary license (either taxonomic list or user/program license).

Run-time Error 48 - File not found: SKCA32.dll

If you look, the file is actually present and located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\.

This is part of the code that handles the license activation for BD.

Re-running the BD installer does not replace nor fix this file.


The cause of this is always Antivirus software. The list of recent culprits is Norton (various flavors), AVG, and Avast.

These programs do one or both of two things:

  1. Prevent use/activation of this DLL (system library) file, and
  2. Set the Windows DEP setting to the most restrictive setting.


Even after removing the antivirus software in question (strongly recommended), you still get the error until you reset the Windows DEP setting to the normal/default level. 


The minimum solution is to reset the Windows DEP setting to the normal/default level. This setting has been modified by your antivirus program. 


Google how to find this DEP setting on your version of Windows.

Changing this will generally require a reboot of your PC.

Uninstalling the Antivirus program at the root of this problem does not reset this elevated DEP setting, as you might think it should, since it is the one that changed it. So you have to this manually.

You should also, highly recommended, remove your antivirus software. Else, the problem will simply continue. 

Once you remove all other antivirus software, Windows Defender will start running automatically. It is FREE and it is the best in the industry. It will keep you properly protected and will not interfere with BD and other programs needlessly.