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Species missing fro...
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[Solved] Species missing from country

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I've just been to the Azores and V6.6 will not let me add common species like Turnstone, Sanderling and Whimbrel. I had to add add a species at random and then go back and edit last entry where I could then search for the missing species. I also saw Arctic Tern uncommon and White-winged Crossbill 4th for the WP so less surprised that I couldn't d them.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for posting. The Azores sound wonderful.

It appears that you have the Annual Everything license, so I assume you are running v6.0 and using the latest version of Clements or IOC.

The issue here is the Location Filter being specified on "Sightings Entry Setup". I assume you are specifying Azores Islands. There are little-to-no Things associated with this location in BD in your database. So the list of names is short.

There are 2 ways to change this. The first is easiest if you are using Keyboard Entry method.

  1. Change the Location Filter to WORLD (or leave blank) to select all names for the selected taxonomic list(s) if you are using Keyboard Entry mode. Now you can enter any name. Or,
  2. Use the instructions here to update the birds-2-location for the Azores Islands. It takes about 60 seconds. Now you will have an up-to-date list of birds associated with this location and can use Keyboard or Checklist Entry with the Location Filter set to the Azores Islands.

Let me know if I can assist further.

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This helped me out a lot, in entering species for Svalbard!

Karen Blisard