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Upgrade to 5.2 fail...
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[Solved] Upgrade to 5.2 failed  


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September 6, 2020 9:07 am  

Hi Jeff,

I bought the license, turned off Norton, and downloaded the installer. Windows objected when I ran it (Windows 10), but I said to run it anyway. The installer ran and said it would restart my computer and then continue. It did restart my computer, which restarted normally, but the installer did not continue. What do I do now?


John Baker

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September 6, 2020 9:24 am  

Hi John,

Almost certainly, the problem is Norton. Even though you think you have disabled Norton, you haven't. It is a horrible program. And you probably pay for it.

You will see. Completely uninstall Norton, using Windows Add/Remove Programs.

This will require a reboot. 

Then install v5.2. You will see that it installs with no problems and runs first time, every time.

If this isn't it, then I owe you a beer and $20 credit in your Online Store account, and you can reinstall Norton.

I have had to personally do this on many customer systems already in the past 4 days. Every time it works.

Now with Norton removed, Windows Defender should automatically start working; nothing for you to do. And it has no problem with BD, and it is FREE.

I have done this countless times for other customers, so I would be very surprised if this isn't the problem. Your symptoms match exactly.

How is it that disabling Norton doesn't disable Norton? How is it that Norton disables BD and doesn't tell you? How is it that no one can figure out how to configure Norton to allow BD and stop disabling it? I have no idea, but I have tried and in most cases it is simply impossible. It is a terrible program. Get rid of it and all others, and ONLY use Windows Defender. Very strong advice.

Let me know if I owe you a beer and credit. 😥 


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September 6, 2020 12:01 pm  


I disabled Norton, activated Windows Defender, as you suggested, and it all worked great! Thanks again.