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Mobile App For IOS
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[Solved] Mobile App For IOS

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Are there still plans to have an IOS Version of the Mobile App?  

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Good question. It is on the ToDo list, but not the short list. I am not a MAC/IOS/iPhone person and as such do not own the development equipment, licenses, software for such an effort. My hope has and continues to be one of the following:

  • A good conversion tool exists that will allow me to port my existing Android app to an ios app without too much issue.
  • Someone (with the background, equip, licenses, software) comes along and offers to create the ios app if I share my Android code with them.

So far neither of those have happened. If anyone has any leads on either of the above options or has another option to offer, please drop a note here.



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As one who was interested in an iOS version of BD for my iPhone , I have rethought the strategy.  eBird entries are so very easy to import into BD, I do not need an iOS version of BD.

As I bird, I use eBird, and then import those findings from my eBird webpage easily into BD.

My request would be to have a Mac OS version of BD, then I don't have to go thru the hassle (and expense) of having Windows/Parallels on my Mac computer.

Easy to request, but would be lots of work- I get that.

Just want to share that with eBird and the great functionality of BD, no longer need an iOS.

I sure would like an OS version of BD, and I bet there are plenty of Mac folks that would then use BD!  Might open up an entirely new market....

Just my two cents! 

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for all you have provided in the forums here recently. Your thoughts and ideas are very welcome.

The effort to reproduce BD on a MAC would be prohibitive.

Still hoping one of the two options for a port to iPhone come through.

But in the meantime, very glad that you can use eBird mobile for iPhone or one of the many other such in-field Apps available on iPhone that can export/import into BD Desktop.

I must point out, however, many of the advantages to moving to Android, if only to use BD Mobile in the field. See all of the features here.

  • One handed use is the paradigm 
  • Supports Voice Entry and Voice Comments.
  • Creates a trip Track of your outing and the exact location, time, altitude of every sighting. Which then imports into the Desktop version which produces an excellent map of your outing. See examples here
  • Includes unlimited song/call library for each species from Zeno-Canto
  • Includes seasonal abundance graph for each species.
  • Don't need reading glasses to use. Easily customizable font size.
  • No typing required to enter sightings. A different paradigm.
  • Supports unlimited taxonomic lists; and I mean unlimited. Spiders, butterflies, plants, dragonflies, etc. etc. on and on for any region. 
  • Imports into BD Desktop much easier.

Many users have purchased a Android device just to use BD Mobile in the field without a cellular contract. Only uses Wifi and GPS. And the feedback is very good. 

So, thanks for the opportunity to promote BD Mobile here as well. You really should consider getting an Android just for this purpose. 😉