Birder's Diary Licensing

a la carte Licensing

Birder’s Diary Desktop requires…

  • A program User License (Basic or Advanced), And
  • One or more Taxonomic List Licenses to be used with the program

Each license is priced and sold separately. You get the features and the taxonomic lists that interest you. These licenses are permanent and never expire. The User License is only good for the version of the program (Version x.y) for which you purchase the license; e.g. if you purchase the v5.3 user license, it is good for any version of v5.3.x of the product released. Any taxonomic list license is only good for that year’s specific taxonomic list; e.g. if you purchase Clements 2021, that license is not good for Clements 2022, but it does qualify you for the upgrade price for Clements 2022. You can continue to use your licensed version of the program and any taxonomic list forever; upgrading is always optional.

Annual Everything Licensing

Alternatively, instead of the traditional a la carte Licensing above, introduced with v5.2 (2020), due to user-demand we are now offering an Annual Everything License. One license entitles you to everything available. This includes the most current version of the program (regardless of version) and the latest version of any taxonomic list. This option runs for 1 year from date of purchase of the Annual Everything License. At the end of 1 year, you can renew the Annual license at a discounted renewal price or switch back to a la carte licensing to continue using Birder’s Diary.

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Basic versus Advanced License

Basic is designed with the average introductory birder in mind. The ability to enter, edit and retrieve/report sightings for any licensed taxonomic list is the foundation of any listing software. Entry level software for the beginning birder.

Advanced users want the ability to do much more. And Birder’s Diary delivers on this.

When you are ready to upgrade from Basic to Advanced no additional download is required. After you purchase the Upgrade-to-Advanced license, simply enter the new license key and all advanced features of Birder’s Diary are enabled.

Following is the list of features which are activated with the Advanced User License.

  • Editing taxonomic lists
  • Compare sightings feature
  • Displaying more than 2 custom graphs/charts on the main window
  • Language/region editor
  • Saving report templates
  • Adding photos/videos/misc-docs to sightings
  • User-defined fields
  • Exporting sightings to spreadsheet format
  • Exporting sightings to eBird
  • Exporting sightings to iNaturalist
  • HTML photo gallery from View/Edit
  • Export to Google Earth from View/Edit
  • Ability to produce the Order/Family/Genera interactive report (Order, Family, Genera counts and highlighting)
  • eBird worldwide sightings search feature
  • Single species abundance graphs
  • Multiple species abundance graphs
  • Checklist editor (ability to edit thing-to-location associations)
  • Find and repair duplicate sightings
  • Alias names editor
  • Band code editor
Taxonomic List Licenses

Taxonomic lists are available at anytime to download and import into Birder’s Diary, once a license has been purchased at the Online Store. While you can download the taxonomic and checklist files at any time, the downloads are password protected and you will not be able to use them without the password provided upon purchase.

The exception to this is that during your 30-day demo period, you will have access to all tax lists in the demo installation database.


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