Program Requirements

Birder’s Diary is a Microsoft Windows application. As such it will run on any Microsoft Windows computer running 98 or later. Recommended minimum requirements are: 70MB free space on a local hard drive.

Birder's Diary Mobile

As of 18-APR-2020, Birder’s Diary Mobile for Android v1.0 was released to the Google Play Store.

It’s Free! Not just another Mobile App for recording sightings in the field!

It’s a new and better experience! From the trusted developers of Birder’s Diary for the past 25 years. 11 months in development and beta testing.

  • Ability to load user-created checklists
  • One handed use; left and right-handed configuration
  • No typing required to record sightings
  • Adjustable font size for easy reading in the field
  • Record Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and Time of each click
  • Imports quickly and easily into Birder’s Diary Desktop
  • Record sightings for birds, butterflies, plants, reptiles, mammals, etc. all in the same outing at the same time, using the same app
  • Up to date, date-specific bird checklist for any location in the World
  • Clean and fast; simple and intuitive

No annoying advertising in the App!

Upgrade your field recording to a better experience!

Load it onto your Android now and try it out!

With version 4.1 of Birder’s Diary, support for import of data recorded on your favorite Mobile App (such as eBird, BirdLog and Birdwatcher’s Diary) and any App that uploads its data to eBird. See videos demonstrating this process at the Birder’s Diary YouTube channel.

What about my MAC?

Birder’s Diary will run on MACs, but only if you first install emulation software capable of running Windows applications (e.g. Parallels, VirtualBox, VMWare), or you can install Bootcamp and Windows onto your Macintosh with Intel processor. VirtualBox by Oracle is FREE, very easy to setup and use. Read this article about install and setup for MAC OS users. It’s this easy with VirtualBox…

  1. Install VirtualBox from, including the extension pack. User Guide/Manual here.
  2. Purchase your Windows OS (Win7, Win10, etc.) from an online site, such as Starting at ~$25. The purchase includes an electronic download of Windows in ISO format; the file used by VirtualBox. Move your new ISO file into your /VirtualBox directory on your MAC.
  3. With VirtualBox installed, run the application, create a new virtual machine (VM) and specify to create the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD, VDI). Now start the new VM, you will be prompted to load the ISO file. Install Windows using the Custom Upgrade option.
  4. After Windows has completed installation, now you can install Birder’s Diary from this site and begin using it.

The whole process, depending on Internet speed and Computer speed/memory takes less than 30 minutes; most of it waiting for the download of the ISO file!