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New with v5.2, SEP-2020: ANNUAL EVERYTHING LICENSE! See here.

You must purchase either a Basic or Advanced user license to use Birder’s Diary. Don’t worry, you can start out with the Basic license if you want and later upgrade to the Advanced.
Note: you will also need at least one taxonomic list to use Birder’s Diary.
Be sure to review Birder’s Diary Licensing.

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V6.2 Advanced

Advanced User License

Unlock the full power and all the features of Birder’s Diary. 

See the list of all the Advanced Features here.

$59 upgrade

$69 new

V6.2 Basic

Basic User License

Everything you need to record, report and edit your sightings. You can start here and upgrade to Advanced later if you like.

$24 upgrade

$29 new

Basic to Advanced

Upgrade from Basic to Advanced

Upgrade your current Basic User License to Advanced. No reinstall or download necessary. Simply purchase the upgrade license and activate it within Birder’s Diary to unlock all of the advanced features.

See the list of all the Advanced Features here.