What Birder's Diary Customers Are Saying...

Your satisfaction is not just a cliché here. We truly care and own any issues that you may be encountering with Birder’s Diary. If you have how-to questions, installation problems, usage issues – anything related to Birder’s Diary – they are treated with utmost care and concern until they are resolved to your satisfaction. Questions and issues posted to the support forums on this site are generally responded to within an hour during weekdays.

I have been birding since 1956.  Since I began, I have continued to search for ways to preserve my data; later I wanted ways to analyze it.  I have gone from clipboards, PDAs (several versions), tablets, phones, and Windows/Apple computers.  I believe I have tried every possible program in the last 30 year.  There have been some good ones – but they lacked commitment for the long haul and disappeared.  Others were cumbersome and limited.  None were even slightly as good as Birder’s Diary!

Birder’s Diary, in my mind, is the Gold Standard.  It is easy to use and always up to date and with frequent refreshes to both the program and Taxonomic List.  Support is extremely fast and on target.  It covers such a broad array of our planet’s life and all of its areas.  I use it daily and would be lost without it.  It is a wonderful tool/companion that enhances our love of nature and provides us a Time Machine to relive past experience, species and places.

Thank you for this superb software!


Your call was above and beyond and MUCH appreciated, you probably saved my life.  Now, let me study all these endemics I’m going to see on these 10 Lesser Antilles islands in 2 weeks.

Keith C., NC, USA

I upgraded and all was solved. Thanks very much. You are the best support of any program I have ever worked with!!! Not only you are prompt, thorough and clear, but you are a delight because you never make me feel computer handicapped, which I am.

Elena L., CA, USA

You are amazing. First of all you got back to me so quickly on a Sunday evening no less. Secondly your recommendation worked perfectly and was easy to do.
Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Steve D., MN, USA

I purchased Birder’s Diary about a year ago after having been an Avisys user for decades. I admit, that as a very non-technical person, I found the software intimidating. However, Jeff Jones has been incredibly helpful (and patient) with me this past year.

My desktop computer recently crashed, and fortunately my IT consultant was able to retrieve my BD data. However, I had no idea how to get the data back onto the BD app. Jeff to the rescue. After several emails, he went on to my new computer remotely and in about 5 minutes, we were golden.

I still find the software overwhelming at times, but I am blown away just by the little bit I have uncovered. Thanks Jeff.

Pete G., Chatham, MA, USA

I love your mobile app I’ve used it in the field now a few times and it is great, I love the big fonts feature!. And the desktop app integrates seamlessly with eBird. Awesome tool! Kudos!

Kurt R., Arizona, USA

My wife and I have birded together in 42 countries since the early 1960s and I could never have kept in touch with the current worldwide taxonomic onslaught without the help of Birders Diary! It does exactly the job that I need it to do!

Bill Jolly, Queensland, Australia

Wow- that is FAST! Thanks, Jeff. That is what truly stands out about BD- not only a great product that enhances one’s experiences in the natural world, but customer support that is head and shoulders above and beyond any other commercial entity out there! You make BD a very special part of birding- thanks for your commitment to excellence and innovation, Jeff.

Tom, Charlotte, NC, USA

I have been a customer of Birder Diary from 1998 when its was still ThayerBirdingSoftware. My last upgrade was V 5.0. along with a new Clements taxonomic list. As I have done in the past I had Birder’s Diary install the upgrade remotely on a Windows 10 system. Jeff Jones did a very professional upgrade that was coordinated with my availability. That is what you would expect from a professional company. However, on a Saturday morning while I was trying to reconcile my new information to the old and assign the data appropriately the exe. failed. I sent Jeff an email explaining the problem and within 30 minutes I got a response. Jeff suggested he access my system and investigate the problem. The issue was with some code in my system but Jeff proceeded to put in a fix. I am not a software engineer so I am probably not explaining it correctly. But Jeff knew what to do and fixed my problem remotely on a Saturday in about an hour of being told about the problem. THAT IS SERIVCE.

Ray J, Arizona, USA

While I cannot even begin to understand either the technicalities of the cause of the problem or even how it was solved, I do have to admire the amazing customer service and sheer amount of time that Jeff provides to clients to keep them happy Birder’s Diary users. I have 2 hobbies. One is birdwatching and the other is playing with data from my birdwatching. I was concerned when the problem arose and I could not get at my reports, but Jeff’s amazing ability to keep on at a problem and get it solved is why I will always be a happy user of Birder’s Diary and why I will always spread the word about what a great product it is with backup way beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Don’t hesitate, get the product!

Derek E., London, UK

Some 15 years ago after carefully looking at the available programs, I selected Birder’s Diary to record my bird sightings. At that time I’d already been birding for many years and had made a considerable number of overseas birding trips so it was essential that in addition to having the capability to generate a comprehensive series of reports, entering sightings to the system had to be quick and easy.

I’ve not been disappointed – Birder’s Diary has “delivered the goods”. In addition to local sightings there is now data for around 200 overseas birding trips on my system with approximately 95,000 sightings for 8,000 species and it remains fast and responsive. Importantly with so many records, the annual taxonomic revisions are quick and easy to deal with. Over the years Birder’s Diary has continued to improve and the latest version is quite excellent, but perhaps the most significant feature about Birder’s Diary is the service provided – on the rare occasions when needed, the level of support has been truly outstanding.

Ron Johns, Norfolk, England

Thanks again for fixing this issue for me. Things are running great now.. just like before. I have not used the Birder’s Diary  program for years, because of a corrupted Windows 7 Bootcamp partition on my old Mac. Getting this new Mac and installing Parallels with Windows 11 has worked out well… despite a couple frustrating days setting it all up. I’ll be honest.. Your BD version programs are the only real reason I use or need Windows. It is That good, your BD program versions.. and your customer support is excellent. All the best !

William R., Phillipines

I never cease to be amazed at how many different things Birders Diary can do. I am sure it has significant potential I am not taking advantage of because I don’t know enough about how to use the program. It is a sophisticated program!

Paul M., Costa Rica

The first year that I had BD, as you will remember, I had all sorts of problems running it. I didn’t use it very often and found it too powerful for my limited technological brain. I came close to just cancelling it. Thanks to your patience, I now use it multiple times per week. And when I run into a problem I haven’t incurred before, (as I just did a few minutes ago) the user’s guide (that I printed out a year ago) is very, very helpful. I know that last year I wrote a recommendation for you to use on the website, but just wanted to say again how much I enjoy using BD. Thanks.

Peter G., Chatham, MA, USA

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to report a bug in commercial software and have it fixed within hours rather than months or even years.

Judy S., Durham, NC, USA

I was able to import my SWIFT sightings into BD through CSV and am really enjoying the software. The remove duplicate sightings was really helpful to clean up my data. Tomorrow, I’m using the Android version of BD on a trip to my local patch.

Bill L., California, USA

Just wanted to say thanks for all you did putting me back on track with your program after my computer failures and my own. I’m working fine and by now I have recovered all data in the program from printouts I had saved. What I recovered most is the ability and understanding of the scope of this wonderful program. Not easy for an older person to drive a Ferrari such as your program, but now I manage it with enough knowledge and speed to enjoy it.

Jorge K., Miami, FL, USA

I just wanted to express my thanks for your persistence and technical skills in fixing the Trip Maintenance issue I experienced in BD. Apparently I am the only user to have this problem so……………for you to take control of my computer and devote the better part of 3 hours on a Sunday morning to find a fix for one user speaks volumes for your commitment. Add into that what I am sure would be the frustration of a very slow computer here in rural Scotland further underlines the great quality support you provide. Very Many Thanks!

Graeme W, Scotland

I have been using Birder’s Diary for many years and have found it can do everything I want to do with my data. In addition, I have had excellent experiences with getting help when things have gone wrong. Sometimes I can find an answer in the forums, and sometimes I have had to email or phone and get personal assistance. I also appreciate the availability of regular updates to taxonomic lists. If you are a serious birder with large amounts of data to keep track of (I have over thirty years of field notes in my database) this is the best program around.

James M, PA, USA

I don’t think I’ve ever received better, more comprehensive, and more timely technical support for any software I ever bought. I thank you for that.

Dennis W., TX, USA

I must share, Jeff, it is fantastic how easy and straightforward the transfer/import process from Avisys to Birders Diary is- thanks for creating the detail to insure success!!

Tom, Charlotte, NC, USA

I just wanted you to know that I imported my BirdBase files (33,998 sighting) and it went off without a hitch. Your instructions were easy to follow. It took about an hour but I now have my 2,130 birds in Birder’s Diary and ready to use it. Thanks for a great program. PS – I did loose 7 birds with lumps, but some of my records were 40 years old.

Gary S, MT, USA

Thank you. Your program is the gold standard and I tell people that.

Wes S., Illinois, US

Thank you for responding so quickly and so effectively following my What Species Have I seen/Not Seen By Family enquiry. I was almost there with it but missed a step. The video is brilliant thank you. As new user to BD, the functionality is so rich it’s hard sometimes to find the key to unlock it but it’s a great piece of work as is the support that sits alongside.

Graeme W, Scotland, UK

Birder’s Dairy 4.0 delivers! The new document (read photo) attachment and the compare any two set of sightings are long awaited additions. Attaching photos will be among my favorite tool along with the keyboard entry, multiples species abundance list and the big day reports. Birder’s Diary is a fantastic tool for any person keeping track of their sightings and who want to explore them in more detail.

Gerco H, Virginia, USA

Thank you so much for your help and after upgrading all went smoothly.  Your attentive service makes all the difference for our enjoyment of Birders Diary.

Linda F., California, USA

Version 6! Nice work again! I especially like the slider to adjust the search. Great new feature to replace the cumbersome taxonomic filter. I will be using the new version on our trip to Bolivia. Just wanted to compliment you on the work. I have been telling every eBirder I run into about BD Mobile. I like it much better than the eBird app.

Jim H., California, USA

Thank you for your recent emails and support in relation to the relatively minor issues I had raised with you following Clements 2021. All are now resolved following Build 60 and the “second” Clements taxonomy list. I don’t know the level of your customer base but if they all receive the levels of support afforded to me as an individual then you must be a very busy man – which you are!

Graeme W., Scotland, UK

Thanks so much for the help this morning. Everything is working quite well. I am very pleased to see larger font in comments, not only in new entries, but also in historical comments. No word back from eBird and their site seems to be having problems yesterday and today. BD will always be home for my birding sightings. I’m moving checklists to eBird in the spirit of good science as I have regular records back to 1978 and scattered ones before. However, BD offers much better report generation, is easier to use and, clearly, has better customer service. I’m also quite nervous about another entity controlling my data. Thanks for your help and a great product.

Roger R., Oregon, USA

By the way, I have asked for help several times over the years. You are always very prompt and always helpful. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Gordon T., Arizona, USA

I am a long time Birder’s Diary user and came upon a very difficult user error that caused an abort of my Birder’s Diary version (BVD) 5.1. This required Jeff Jones’ direct intervention to resolve. The result error message from BVD 5.1 was : Database Error! Class Not Registered. The first step was to remove all register and malware software packages that had damaged some portion of Windows 10 system dlls. Jeff was successful in guiding me through this jungle. Once the software packages were removed we then activated Windows Defender ONLY. My bad for not doing this earlier. Then we proceeded to repair all dlls, not knowing which had been damaged. This occurred over a two day period of both direct access of Jeff with my computer, emails, and telephone conversions. This amounted to several hours of direct interactions with Jeff who was marvelous to interact with and very extremely generous with his time and expert knowledge. My many thanks to Jeff in the resolution of this tricky and very difficult problem. Finally, Jeff is truly unique as most software developers WILL NOT be willing to guide one through this jungle and fix the problem caused by the user.

Rollin W., Sante Fe, NM, USA

I have always found Jeff to be very responsive to my emails and calls for tech support. Jeff “takes ownership” of any tech.problems, and helps make sure they are resolved. I very much appreciate Jeff’s responsiveness, and feel very comfortable that, any tech.problem I have with Birder’s Diary, Jeff will be there to help resolve it! As I told Jeff, after he helped re-install my Birder’s Diary program and database after my PC “crashed”, “your mother would be proud!”

Bob T, California, USA

Birder’s Diary fulfills my needs well. Before I go on a trip I print out a checklist of all the birds found in that country or area. I like being able to see in yellow life birds and in grey birds seen before but not in that locale. Then when I return I create a folder for that trip (such as Costa Rica 2017) and enter what I have seen on that trip irrespective of what day or exactly where the bird was seen. I also l like the ease of looking up all the places I have seen a species.
Fortunately I started using Birders diary early in my birding life and so did not have too many entries to make. Once the birds are entered it is easy to keep up to date. I also list what we have seen in our yard each month.
Apart from birds, we create entries for other vertebrates so, for example, we also have a list of all the mammals we have seen and have created that as a checklist. It is not hard entering new species and lovely to have this all information easily accessible.

Mike B, MA, USA

Bird Base Users: I have recently converted from Bird Base to Birder’s Dairy and am very pleased with the results. Birder’s Diary is very powerful,flexible, and user friendly. It provides excellent checklists,reports and many ways to tally your sightings. As in bird Base, the ability to report sightings by trip is also very good. Moreover, the technical support both for the conversion and for understanding of the program is outstanding.
Birder’s Diary brings your Bird Base data into an excellent modern format. Five stars and two thumbs up for Birder’s Diary!

Linda Fisher, California, USA

I found that Birder’s Diary is by far the best program available for keeping track of my world bird sightings. Entering sightings after leading a bird walk is a snap. There is even a fast and simple way to enter my daily sightings when I return from a three week trip to Africa. Reports are very easy to generate as well. I can see my life lists, of course, but I can also make checklists highlighting the birds I have not yet seen and even fill in an annual ABA report. If I have a question about splits or lumps, the Rosetta Store feature shows me the answer. I also created almost a dozen checklists for our local Bioblitz using taxonomic lists for Mammals, Butterflies and more – all available through Birder’s Diary. With over 5,000 species and 36,000 sightings I still find that the response time is fast on my Windows 7 computer. The best part is that annual taxonomic updates are quickly available, easy to install and accurate.

Peter Thayer, Naples, Florida, USA

“You have a high quality product that’s pretty straightforward to use. Thanks for the great service too!” Mike E, Rochester, NY

“Thanks so much – I’m just realizing how useful this program is! So much more so than Avisys – thanks again for the help!” Mike H, Idaho, USA

“Anyone, anywhere in the world, thinking of purchasing a top rate database for the recording and reporting of all sightings just can’t go past this program. I give it 11 out of 10.” Jude, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Thanks Jeff. My computer was having some strange issues getting started after the blue screen of death. Eventually got everything restored from my backups, but BD was failing. Jeff quickly responded to my forum posts and requests for help, set up a convenient time for tech support, found several solutions for challenges with my system, and got me up and running again with fast, friendly service. Best tech support I’ve ever received. Thanks!” Skot, Colorado, USA

“Just a note of thanks for all your work and support in recovering my data. Tony at Computer Knights was very impressed with and complimentary of your product and tech support. As you may know he was able to retrieve data through 2004. I’ll have to reenter the data after that date, but those records will be much easier to find. It will be like visiting those places over again: Siberia, Attu, Pribolofs, Alaska, Arizona. I hadn’t even started on the east and south Africa sightings. By the time I finish that chore I should have learned the program pretty well. Makes me excited to list again. I realize that I greatly exceeded what is covered by the download assistance fee and would be more than willing to pay for the additional tech support. Just let me know. Thanks again for not calling me an idiot and bill me as you see fit.” Happy birding,Nikki

“Thanks for all of the assistance in helping me upgrade my Birder’s Diary software and salvaging our old observations. I can’t recall ever receiving such good tech service in my 45 years of dealing with computers.” Marshall – in Tucson, AZ

“The Birder’s Diary web site states that: “You will receive prompt, professional and courteous support from Birder’s Diary staff!” YAWN.. I’ve heard that line before. BUT IT IS TRUE!!!!!! I was frankly surprised and delighted also with the way you solved my problems installing Version 3.7 on my computers this morning. You clearly understand and practice what professional “Customer Service” can be. Today you made a friend for “lifer”. Thanks much for the great service!!” Ken – in St. Paul, MN

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the time you spent helping me today. I had no idea it was going to be such a problem and take so much of your time. I admire your patience and commitment to figure it out and get the job done. I would of never even come close to resolving the problem and would of given up in frustration. It’s nice to know there is help out there. THANK YOU!” Ginny – Oregon

“I wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me get the best out of Birder’s Diary and tailoring some of the features to my requirements. I really have appreciated the support I’ve received over the last year or so, which has been prompt and unfailingly helpful. I’m currently part way through a two month trip to southern Africa and this is the first time I’ve travelled with a laptop with Birder’s Diary available – being able to update my Southern Africa lists etc “on the go” has been really helpful and has enabled me to resolve a range of queries that will save me a great deal of time when I return home to England.” Ron Johns – UK

“Comprehensive Excellence! I find Birder’s Diary an exceptionally versatile program for birders and other naturalists. After 20 years of trying various programs, I have finally found the ‘right solution’. Sightings from birding, scuba, herp, butterfly and dragonfly trips now have a common home as I use Birder’s Diary to easily record sightings for birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, insects and more. I love the taxonomy tool, which is outstanding for the naturalist who wants to learn from and record more of their outdoor experience. Bells and whistles aside, my favorite aspect of the program is the service I have experienced from the super-responsive ‘can do’ support team. Whether it was a complex data conversion of years of old bird records or getting help for a reporting need, the Birder’s Diary support team showed me the way very quickly.” Tadas Birutis – Lifebird Nature Tours

“One last comment – I also wanted to thank you for setting up the product forums. I have been able to sort out the Blue Grouse split, Herring Gull split/non-split, and add a Sinaloa Wren to the ABA 2008 tax. I just bought this this morning, but my ABA area lists are now all up to date and ‘correct’! Wow.
I used to be an software engineer a long time ago so might have some idea what effort you put into this. I’m impressed! Guess I have some extra time to go birding …” Kevin, Colorado

“Everything fixed and working great. I really appreciate the timely manor in which you fixed this problem really!!! I remember first getting Birders Diary from Pete Thayer when it first came out and I really like this updated version with all the other tax lists and options much better!” Zeke, Africa

“WOW! Thanks for the lightspeed response. You rank right up there with Blackburnian Warbler in my estimation and admiration.” Bill, North Carolina

“I just wanted to thank you for all the great support you have provided me (and the other Birder’s Diary users!) — I know I often have some rather odd questions, but I really appreciate the way you have answered them so promptly. The Forum seems to be a great way to handle questions and I find that I often get help and feedback from other users there as well. I like the idea that birders can all work together and share their ideas with each other.
Also, I really like the additional taxonomic lists available with Birder’s Diary. I have been running an annual “BioBlitz” for a few years. I was able to use these other taxonomic lists to create checklists specifically for Colliers Reserve, our 400-acre community here in Naples, Florida.
The new Cornell/Clements taxonomic list for 2009 just came out and I see you have already posted this list for download on the web site. I’ll go get it tonight. I need 18 more birds to reach 4,000 – maybe they split something and I won’t have to work as hard in Colombia next month! I am glad Birder’s Diary is in such capable hands! I am anxiously awaiting the release of version 3.7. Keep up the great work.” Pete Thayer – Thayer Birding Software

“Just thought I would email you and say thanks for an awesome bit of software. I have told many people asking about software, that Birder’s Diary is the way to go. Since I’ve been doing so much travelling lately (13 countries last year!), I have really been using Birder’s Diary to keep track of my bird sightings, and really getting to grips with its capabilities. The software is great and makes life so much easier than keeping everything on excel spreadsheets and bits of paper like I used to!” Brent, PhD/Ornithology, Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ

“Great–thanks a lot. Much appreciated. All in all, Jones Technologies has got to be the most responsive software company I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with!” Fred, Nevada

“I want to thank you for you help in solving this problem. I have always found you to be sensitive to users needs and quick to help. That is what makes Birder’s Diary such a wonderful product.” Roland, New Mexico

“Just a note to thank you once again for making the time to help me. Everything is working perfectly. I will continue to spread the word about your fantastic software program.” Maria, FL

“Thanks so much for your help, as always. I’ve already looked at the upgrades for 3.6 and can’t wait to get it. BD has been an invaluable asset to me as an avid birder since 1999, and the product just keeps getting better. I look forward to purchasing it soon. Again, thanks a million for ‘hooking me up’ on my new PC and keep up the great work!” Bill H

“Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for helping me today. Also, to let you know how much EASIER this version (v3.6) is to use than what I had (v3.0). Thanks.” Sally Jo “74 years old and glad I made it!”

“I just want to applaud the excellent technical support you guys give. Jeff, you are awesome! I have my sightings back into the program on my new hard drive. Thanks again!” Roxanna

“I have been enjoying the use of Birder’s Diary (BD) for the past year. Prior to purchasing BD I was developing my own access database that would do pretty much the same thing as BD, but I never was satisfied with what I had–always another function to make. So, after doing some research on the internet, it was obvious that BD had all the functions I needed and more. The decision to switch to BD was easy. I like the product a lot.” Gerco

“Thanks Jeff, for the usual timely and helpful response. I really enjoy BD and sincerely appreciate your dedication to providing a top notch program and excellent support. Having been a user from the early days of BD, I have no intention of trying any other program.” Mike

Once again thank you for your quick response and the information you have provided. This will clear up my confusion. “I also want to let you know that your upgrades are certainly worth the money. From what I know about programming and have learned from my son on the subject it is very time consuming but worth it when the project is done. I am no expert by any means but the tutorials help and I am learning more all the time. I think it is great software for everyone from beginner to advanced users. The great thing about it is you can start out as a basic user entering your sightings and as you learn more you can do just about anything you want with the program. You should be very proud of the product you have provided for birders as well as nature lovers. Many thanks for great software and your quick response.” Nancy

“As a long-time user of Avisys, I developed the need for a more comprehensive birding software program and chose Birder’s Dairy. Birder’s Diary greatly expands my ability to enter a variety of data and has extensive capabilities. I am completely satisfied with Birder’s Diary and converting from Avisys was long overdue. I would highly recommend Birder’s Diary to first time users or anyone looking to upgrade their current software – you’ll never look back.” Angelo, Indianapolis

“I would like to commend Jeff’s terrific professionalism and patience both of which greatly facilitated me in successfully installing and operationg the V3.6 Birder’s Diary upgrade. With his expert assistance the experience was both easy and enjoyable, and I now very much look forward to explore the many features and education promised through this comprehensive program. Jeff thank you again!” Mary

“I have been a user and fan of Birder’s Diary since I found it with Birder’s Diary 2.0. I have continued to use it into version 3.6.12 (the current version) and find that the program and the support cannot be beat. Jeff Jones is continuously available and helpful to keep me in the loop and happy.” Werner, New York

“I downloaded 3.5 and I like it.  I am manually transferring my data from 2.0.7 and it seems to be going fairly rapidly with your new interface – which is superb – and the process is serving as a good review of my birding history.  I definitely like what you have done with the upgrades and will be paying the license fees as soon as I figure out which and what I want.” Richard

“Jeff,  you have really made a big improvement over the original Birder’s Diary I had.  This is really a nice program.  I am about to get to go to south Texas in April and your program will definitely go with me.   Thanks for all your help and support in getting it up and running for me.” Terry

“I have to say that YOU are the man! Your quick responses and corrections when warranted are unsurpassed in the software tech support.” Jim, Texas

“I am learning more about birds just using Birder’s Diary than being in the field! Thanks for helping me expand my avian knowledge.” Ruth, Vermont

“My aging hardware triggered a serious problem when I attempted to upgrade to Birders Diary 3.5. The technical support provided by Jeff Jones was excellent. Jeff communicated with me through each phase of searching for a solution so that I never felt alone with my problem. He patiently reassured me that my data from an earlier version of Birders Diary was safe each time I became anxious about the possibility of losing it. Most importantly, he stuck with me until he identified a solution that was successfully implemented.” Melissa, Michigan

“I concur with the feelings expressed above. Jeff has helped me with several problems, provided timely accurate fixes and even processed data for me. In addition, he has put up with my very limited knowledge of how the software works and patiently walked me through the fixes or workarounds. Thanks Jeff for maintaining such a high level of customer support and continuing to improve your wonderful BD product.
Satisified Customer” Mike

“This is just a “Me, too!” post. I can say without reservation that I know of only one other program that I have ever used that: 1. Works very well. 2. Has timely and courteous support. Jeff, you are a rare individual.” James

“RE: mudslinging on AviSys website – Actually a buddy of mine is getting ready to switch to Birder’s Diary because of the mud slinging on the AviSys website (and all the cool stuff I can do that he cannot!)” Mark, UK

“My deep gratitude again for getting the problem solved. You’re great!” Ray

“You are doing a great job with the program by the way. I just entered almost a 1000 sightings from my S. Africa trip and was amazed at what a breeze it was. I used to do checklist entry all the time, but with smart lookup, text entry is definitely the way to go.” Mike

“Thanks for your quick responses Jeff. It is a pleasure doing business with a firm that cares about its customers.” Dennis

“…To my surprise I received a personal e-mail from Jeff J. Jones who now owns and programs Birder’s Diary. He was able to help me get the new Birder’s Diary 3.5 up and running. I can say that this is now a good program …The voice recognition aspect makes entry a snap. The problems I had with getting the reports I wanted has been solved. I am now satisfied that this is a worthwhile program.” Dean Rising

After upgrading to v3.5… “Really nice software! Great job!!” Rhett, Ohio

“Thank you for the quick response. That’s what I call customer service!” David, New Jersey

“Thank you so much. Version 3.5 seems to be much easier to print reports, etc.  You are to be congratulated for the improvements.” Jim