This new Online User Guide is HERE! (6-Jun-2022) We are moving away from older documentation software that is no longer supported and working.

Use the menu tree at the right to navigate to sections of the User Guide.

The topics here are the form of the new User Guide. It is more of a minimally required topic list, than days of old when the Guides taught one how to use a PC. It no longer covers every individual window in Birder’s Diary desktop. Instead it covers the common things that users need info on – based on all the years in business since 1995! It assumes the user knows how to use standard PC programs with items such as menus, buttons, dropdowns, text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, grids, etc.

The supplement to this is, if you don’t find what you need here – or what you do find is not clear – post a question in the Forums on this site, or simply send email to

Access to the old Online User Guide is here. It will stay accessible for the forseeable future.