Logon to your account at the Online Store

Important Note: Please note that this account is separate from this web site that you are on now. It is a secure 3rd party commerce site that contains your previously purchased license information, billing information, payment information etc. The logon information you use for this (www.BirdersDiary.com) web site is usually not the same as this account for security reasons – unless you set it up that way.

You can view previous purchases and log on to your account to

  • retrieve your License IDs from past purchases
  • complete unfinished orders
  • edit/update your personal information
  • view/print receipts

All you need in order to logon is your License/Account (from any past Invoice) password and one of the following:

  • Customer e-Mail
  • Customer ID
  • An existing License ID (since v3.5 and later)
  • An existing Invoice ID (since v3.5 and later)

If you don’t have a record of your information for logon, please send email to support@BirdersDiary.com and request this information. Please include your full name.

Click below to be taken to the Log On page of the Online Store

Log on to your Online Store Account