Birder's Diary Mobile App for Android - PRIVACY POLICY


    Birder’s Diary Mobile App for Android does NOT collect, use, disperse nor in any way share any data collected (e.g. gps location, etc.) by the App. All data is collected and saved only for your use. This data is ONLY sent to you upon your request and never uploaded nor sent to any other location, source or service.

    Location Data: This data is used, when approved by the user, to

    • record clicks on individual sightings in order to capture lat/lng/alt of each click.
    • record your track for showing your path/track on Google Maps.
    • fetch checklist data for your current location when you download a new checklist.
    • display nearby notable sightings when you click on this function.

    Voice Recognition: This is only used to record sightings by voice, and only when manually activated by the user pressing the appropriate button on the Checklist window. It is never done without the user manually requesting this function.

    As of 18-APR-2020, Birder’s Diary Mobile for Android v1.0 was released to the Google Play Store.