Birder's Diary Mobile Account and Data Deletion

We user your email to send your Checklist Outing data if you choose to send your finished Outings via email. This information is only kept on your phone. Never relayed or captured by anyone.

If instead, you choose to use the Cloud API option, you are requested for your email address and a key to keep your data safe and secure. This email and key are used to identify your records in the Cloud API. Once you retrieve your data from the Cloud, then it is removed from the Cloud database.

Such data is never used or shared for any other purpose – ever!

No steps are required to remove this data from the Cloud database, other than to download it using your Birder’s Diary Desktop program, which removes the data once downloaded.

If you have any questions about any of this, please send email to and you will receive a prompt and courtesous response.