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New to Birder’s Dary?

If you are a first time customer, choose from one of the commonly purchased user license  taxonomic list pairs presented below, or go further down for a la carte options where you choose the user license and taxonomic list(s) that you want. Be sure to review Birder’s Diary Licensing.

Advanced North America Birder

Unlock the Full Power
  • Advanced User License
  • ABA Taxonomic List covering the ABA Area; North America (north of MX) and Hawai’i
  • All the functionality you will ever need

Advanced World Birder

Advanced features of Birder's Diary with the IOC World Bird Taxonomic List
  • Advanced User License
  • IOC Taxonomic List including all the species/subspecies of Birds of the World

Program/User Licenses

You must purchase either a Basic or Advanced user license to use Birder’s Diary. Dont worry, you can start out with the Basic license if you want and later upgrade to the Advanced.
Note: you will also need at least one taxonomic list to use Birder’s Diary.
Be sure to review Birder’s Diary Licensing.

New User Licenses

First time purchasers

Upgrade User Licenses

Upgrading from previous versions; must have purchased a previous user license