Welcome to the Birder's Diary News and Info Blog

It has been 15 years since the BirdersDiary.com website has had an overhaul. No more. Redesigned with the latest technology from WordPress and DIVI theme builder, we think you will find the site more responsive, more intuitive and with better access to what you need. Don’t worry, most things are still in the same place.

Member accounts are optional, but recommended. Registration and log in, in the past was problematic at best, no more. Now it is very functional and fast. If you register and log on, then you no longer have to enter your name, email, etc. to post in the forums or leave comments on pages.

The goal: simplified, uncluttered, clean & fresh. After a month’s effort, we feel that we are there. Please let us know how you find this new site. Leave a comment below.