New Site Up and Running. What's Next?

Ok – that was not easy. 6 weeks to rebuild our site using WordPress/DIVI technology and then a week to migrate to a much better host provider in order to get proper support and performance for our site! Emails have been properly configured and confirmed working. Everything is where you are used to it being from the old site. Just a new look, uncluttered and all the functionality working.

What’s Next?

We now begin work on releasing version 5.2 updates. It contains 3 major new enhancements – stay tuned for the details. In addition, it is our goal to offer a new Annual Everything License! “What is that?”, you ask. It is a license that unlocks all taxonomic lists and the Advanced User features of Birder’s Diary. It entitles you to all upgrades during the year for the program (no version limits) and taxonomic lists – no additional charge. It expires at the end of the year with an auto-renew feature to keep you updated with the latest taxonomic lists and program version.

Birder’s Diary Mobile for Android

In case you are just hearing about this, Birder’s Diary Mobile for Android was released on 18-Apr-2020 to the Google Play Store. The feedback has been very good. Please give it a try. Hopefully we will be porting to iOS soon.

Please let us know how you find this new site. Leave a comment below.