v5.2 Is Now Available for Purchase and Download!

After many months of development, v5.2 is now Available for Purchase and Download! Thanks for your patience. 

You can read all about the new features and changes here, but we are particularly happy about 3 new features!

  • A New ANNUAL EVERYTHING LICENSE. Yep, one license turns on all Advanced features and access to all taxonomic lists. For the duration of the 1 year license, you are entitled to all updates, upgrades, new taxonomic lists, etc. in short EVERYTHING. It currently does not auto-renew, but will alert you as you are getting close to expiration. You can then renew the annual license or revert to a la carte licensing if you like. If you regularly purchase more than one taxonomic list per year, then this option is for you.
  • SHARE YOUR OUTINGS & PHOTOS with friends and cohorts via social media, email etc. It’s a great way to quickly and easily share your outings. If you attach photos to your sightings, a photo gallery will be created with all attached photos. If you record lat/lng of your sightings (you should be using Birder’s Diary Mobile for Android now) an interactive Google Map will be added to the report so that everyone can see exactly where you saw each species! All you do is select the sightings you want to share from the View/Edit window and click the button to create and upload the report. You just share a simple link with your friends via Facebook, Instagram, eMail, SMS, etc. See examples on this page.
  • A New QUICK SIGHTINGS SEARCH feature has been added to the main toolbar. It allows you to quickly locate any sighting in your database by Common or Scientific Name. This has been a highly requested feature for a few years now. Sorry it took so long. It is so very handy when all you want to do is find that sighting you are looking for and answer the question “Have I seen a Happy Wren before? Where? When?”.

We hope you enjoy everything we have bundled into v5.2. I know I am certainly using the new features a lot.