Cinnamon Hummingbird

ABA (8.0.8) 2021 and IOC v11.1 2021 Taxonomic Lists are Now Available!


The latest updates to your favorite Bird Taxonomic Lists are Now Available!

  • ABA 8.0.8, March 2021
  • IOC v11.1 2021

Downloading, Importing and Reconciling new species, splits and lumps is a breeze.

Purchase your taxonomic lists from the Online Store page.

Download the installers from the Taxonomy Downloads page.

If you own the new Annual Everything License, skip the purchase process and go straight to the Downloads page. No installation password is required!

I hope you enjoy the updated lists.


p.s. Clements/Cornell now states that they expect their next update in summer 2021. Stay tuned.
p.p.s. American Ornithological Society (AOS/AOU) has yet to release an update since last year.